Green Oaks is a great place to learn! The program is very academic with high expectations for students, staff, and families alike. Our facilities are neat and clean. The well-kept, beautiful campus backs right up to Orangevale Park. There are many reasons to attend Green Oaks Fundamental School. The following is a list generated by our students;     

    ·      We learn perseverance so we never give up

    ·      Field trips are interesting and fun

    ·      Teachers are kind and helpful

    ·      After school activities like choir, band and dance

    ·      Banned bullying so kids feel safe

    ·      Dress code lets kids have their own style

    ·      Everyone welcoming to new students

    ·      Teachers make you fit right in

    ·      Fun games and activities in PE

    ·      Talent Show

    ·      School rules allow us to be safe

    ·      Kids are kind and caring

    ·      Bullies discouraged

    ·      Everyone knows your name

    ·      Students learn what they need to know

    ·      Students expected to follow rules and regulations

    ·      Good dress code

    ·      There are many rules but they keep us in check

    ·      A lot of reading

    ·      Teachers are nice and will help if you get stuck on something

    ·      Good sports equipment

    ·      Friendly and safe learning environment

    ·      We have a fun time learning new things in our classroom

    ·      Teachers encourage you to help others

    ·      Fun but challenging

    ·      Discovery Club

    ·      Great library, computer lab, art, PE and music

    ·      Distinguished School

    ·      Respectful students

    ·      Reading Rocks Program to encourage reading

    ·      We take great care of our school

    ·      Awesome library with a ton of books for people who love to read

    ·      Place where kids don’t have to worry about being bullied

    ·      School is G rated, no inappropriate language or actions are allowed

    ·      Teach skills we’ll need later in life

    ·      School is really clean

    ·      Awesome assemblies

    ·      Food is delicious and we have a salad bar

    ·      Big events in each grade like Multi-Cultural Day, Pioneer Day and The Living Museum

    ·      Fall Performance

    ·      New track

    ·      Good amount of homework

    ·      Everyone really welcomes you if you want to join a game they let you join

    ·      I feel smarter when I leave school

    ·      Not only do we learn academic skills we get to learn social skills

    ·      Teachers are good at teaching and at being your friend

    ·      Teaching level is difficult but sets you for life

    ·      If you’re a new student they make you feel welcome

    ·      You can make friends on the first day

    ·      Students are treated fair, none are better than the other

    ·      Green Oaks teaches you to be responsible

    ·      School is neat with nice classrooms

    ·      Clean learning environment

    ·      One of the top schools in the San Juan District

    ·      Green Oaks is challenging but fun

    ·      Everyone is so welcoming. Everyone will say hi to you even if they don’t know you.

    ·      A great learning experience

    ·      Teachers make you want to learn new things

    ·      Student council where the students themselves try and create a better school environment

    ·      Rules that will keep you safe

    ·      Students help those in need

    ·      Fundamental school that is very academic

    ·      Dress code and reasonable rules

    ·      Fun projects that are educational and enjoyable

    ·      Green Oaks is great because we keep our school nice and tidy

    ·      Students get along on the playground

    ·      You will learn things you never thought you could learn

    ·      We get courage to stand up to bullies

    ·      A place you can learn while having fun

    ·      Our principal is nice

    ·      Our school has spirit

    ·      Kids are smart and healthy

    ·      The Beaver Buck store lets you get cool things 

Last Modified on November 5, 2019