• To Report an Absence

    It is the parent's responsibility to notify the school when your child will be absent or tardy. Absences must be cleared within 5 days.

    To report a student absence:

    Call 24 Hour Attendance Line: (916) 979-8171


    Call/Visit the school office: 916-575-2302

    "Report an Absence" on the San Juan USD App

    "Email School to Inquire" under Attendance Tab in the Parent Portal


    Please provide:

    • first and last name of the student
    • teacher's name or grade level
    • name of the person reporting the absence and relationship to student (parent/guardian, etc.)
    • date of absence
    • reason for the absence (if illness, include symptoms)


    If a student absence is not verified the District absence notification program will alert parents to a student absence by phone and/or e-mail.  Parent will then also be able to verify a student absence with the school via either phone or e-mail.

    In order to receive notifications via e-mail, parents/guardians must have an active e-mail address on file with the school.  E-mail addresses on file can be verified with the school office.  Families can opt-out of e-mail notifications at any time by contacting the school office.


    Arriving Late:

    Visit the school office to check in with the Attendance Clerk before continuing to class.


    Picking Up Early:

    Visit the school office to sign a student out early. Staff will bring your student to the office to meet you.


    Related Files:

    Sacramento County Symptom & Quarantine Decision Tree

    English Learner/Multicultural Education Department Notice of Absence

    Chronic Illness Verification Form


    Extended Absence:

    Independent Study Contracts: If a child will be out of school for five or more days for an unexcused reason (e.g., personal necessity), parents may contact the school at least five days in advance about arranging Independent Study. While schools accommodate most requests, certain criteria may lead to the school denying the request, including: less than five days advance notice, lack of academic proficiency, attendance or behavioral concerns, vacation, conflict with testing or lack of resources required to provide the service. Independent Study days are not considered absences, as long as the contract is abided by and all work is completed


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Last Modified on September 17, 2021