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    What is an Art Docent?

    An Art Docent is a volunteer who conducts groups of people on tours in an art museum. In this Program, parent volunteers bring portfolios of works of art to elementary classrooms and conduct discussions that open the children’s eyes to the wonderful world of art. Docents  visit  their  child’s  classroom  once  a  
    month  to  make  a  portfolio  presentation lasting between  20 to 30  minutes  for  Kindergarten  and  Grade  1,  increasing  up  to  60  minutes  for  the  upper  grades,  if  needed.

    How can I become an Art Docent?

    If you’re enthusiastic about art and you like talking with children, then you should contact the Head Art Docent, or the school office to volunteer.  You will receive a manual with lessons for your grade level of interest, then schedule visit with the classroom teacher with whom you will be teaching the art lesson.

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Last Modified on August 20, 2018