• Special Education Services
    Special Education services are provided to students with an IEP (Individualized Education Program). IEPs are provided to students who are identified as eligible through State/Federal guidelines and assessment for the impact of disability related needs on a student's access to public education.
    SJUSD Special Education Department: www.sanjuan.edu/SpecialEd
    Students with specific health or disability needs who are not eligible for an IEP may be supported through a 504 Plan.
    Visit the Student Support Services Department for details: www.sanjuan.edu/Page/357
    Special Education services are provided based on each individual student's IEP through the continuum of service options for students to be successful in the least restrictive environment, which includes: general education classroom, small group instruction in a pull-out setting, additional supports in the form of accommodations and modifications, and individualized behavior intervention plans with additional adult support.
    Inclusive opportunities benefit all students by providing high quality academic instruction and standards of excellence for every student. Inclusion allows students with disabilities to learn with their peers, collaborate, and build social skills all while getting a grade-level education. The greater school community benefits from inclusive practices as all students work together on classwork, build friendships with diverse learners, and learn from each other. Together, Cameron Ranch students learn to reach across individual differences and become empathetic, welcoming, and supportive community members. 
    For questions or concerns we encourage families to speak directly with their child's teacher and/or school site first.  Lines of communication specific to Special Education may include:
    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. Case Manager (Resource/Inclusion Specialist)
    3. Service Specialists (OT, ST, Nurse, AdPE, Vision, etc.)
    4. School Principal
    5. Special Education Program Specialist
    Additional Resources:
    1. Special Education website: www.sanjuan.edu/SpecialEd
    2. Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC): www.sanjuan.edu/SpecialEd
    3. SJUSD Family and Community Engagement Department www.sanjuan.edu/FACE
    Community Support for 504s, IEPs, Special Education and Disability:
Last Modified on May 1, 2022