Mission & Objectives

  • Objectives

    All Del Campo students will be…

    Think critically

    • Acquire, organize, analyze and synthesize information.
    • Make connections and find relationships to draw appropriate conclusions
    • Use and interpret appropriate evidence
    • Validate and evaluate results

    Communicate effectively

    • Read to gather and understand information, make inferences, draw conclusions and build vocabulary
    • Write in a well-organized structure and appropriate style using standard English or target language
    • Speak clearly at an appropriate pace, volume and tone for a specific audience and show evidence of preparation, organization, and understanding of purpose and audience
    • Listen actively and respectfully

    Participate actively in the learning process

    • Engage in classroom discourse
    • Collaborate with other students to share information and solve problems
    • Seek help when needed
    • Complete all work
    • Monitor progress through Zangle and other resources

    Responsible Community Members who

    • Demonstrate positive character traits                                                      
    • Participate in the community in a respectful manner                  
    • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility                  

    Prepared Graduates who

    • Develop a personal plan for post high school
    • Complete rigorous coursework to fulfill that plan.
    • Make full use of technology


Last Modified on October 13, 2017