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    Mrs. LeFevre is the Student Leadership Advisor at Winston Churchill Middle School.   The class is held during 4th period.  Elections are held near the end of each year for the officer positions, including Student Body President, Vice President, Commissioner of Activities, Commissioner of Publicity, etc.  Students can also apply through Mrs. LeFevre to be in the class as a general representative.  There is room for roughly 50 student to be in the student leadership class each year (2 separate groups that rotate each quarter) via an application process. Student leadership counts as the student's Visual and Performing Arts elective which means you cannot be in Student Leadership AND another elective like BTV or Art.  

    The curriculum used throughout the year is based on state sandards for leadership and help guide our program through the six (6) core principles of Student Leadership: Communications, Civil & Service Learning, Personal & Social Development, Government, Business & Finance, and Technology & Digital Citizenship.


    In addition to the standards, students in class work on various leadership projects throughout the year that support a positive culture and school climate.  Some of these events include orientation, rallies, Sports-o-Rama, Fall Festival, dances, BARKS Days, etc.  They also serve as a voice for the rest of students on the campus just like our main system of government! 

    Email Mrs. LeFevre at  melissa.lefevre@sanjuan.edu 




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