• Attendance Procedures

    Students are expected to attend all classes each and every day. Consistent school attendance is one of the most reliable predictors of student success.

    Attendance office -

    Hours: 7:15 – 3:45 (please do not call between 7:50 and 8:15 as we are busy checking in late students)

    24-hour absence recorderto report full-day absences: (916) 971-5622

    Office phone (to discuss attendance or request early dismissals): (916) 971-5668

    Fax: (916) 971-5663


    To report/clear an absence:

    PER DISTRICT POLICY, ALL ABSENCES MUST BE CLEARED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN WITHIN 5 SCHOOL DAYS.  Parents will be notified via the automated phone calling system and/or email whenever a student is reported absent the previous day from one or more classes. 

    To clear a full-day absence, please call the 24-HOUR ATTENDANCE LINE at 971-5622.  Parents may use the recorder any time of day.  Absences may also be cleared with a doctor/parent note, or an email to Delcampoabsence@sanjuan.edu. The following information is needed:

    1. Student’s name
    2. The date of absence
    3. Your name and relationship to student
    4. Reason for absence
    5. Your signature (if you are clearing with a parent note)

    Please Note: Any student who attempts to clear his/her own absence or to assist another student in such an attempt will be reported to the Administration for falsification and willful disobedience and will face disciplinary action.

    Students should check their attendance on Q at least once every 5 days. It is the responsibility of the student and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) to verify the accuracy of the attendance weekly and to clear unresolved absences and/or contact the school regarding any errors within 5 days. Attendance marks are permanently recorded five school days after the teacher has indicated an absence. Un-cleared absences automatically roll to cuts (Y code) after five days and cannot be changed - even if it is an error. Parents cannot clear teacher attendance errors. Students need to get an attendance correction form from the Attendance office and have it signed by the teacher or staff member who can verify their attendance. The attendance will be corrected if the signed form is returned to the Attendance Office within 5 school days. 

    Special note for seniors: Seniors who accumulate 24 or more periods of truancy (C or Y codes) during the school year will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. (The number is smaller than 24 for students with fewer than 4 classes: 3 classes = 18 periods; 2 classes = 12 periods)         

                2 periods = 12 cuts
                3 periods = 18 cuts
                4 periods = 24 cuts

              (cuts  = C or Y codes)

    Early Dismissals: 

    Once a student arrives on campus, he/she must get an early dismissal before leaving for any reason. Students should bring a note, signed by their parent/guardian (emergency contacts cannot request early dismissals) to the Attendance Office which states the time and reason for the dismissal. The appropriate time to do this is before school, at lunch or in-between classes. Please do not call during class time for an early dismissal unless it is an emergency. It disrupts the entire class each time we have to enter to deliver an early dismissal. If a student becomes ill while at school, he/she should come to the Attendance Office to call a parent or guardian so that we may issue an early dismissal. Early dismissals are for medical appointments, illness, or emergencies only. Please try to make any appointments outside of the school day. We will not interrupt class time during testing and finals. Parents cannot clear early dismissals after-the-fact. Students must have their approved early dismissal slip before leaving campus. Students who leave campus (for any reason) without an early dismissal will be subject to disciplinary action. It will be documented as an off-campus violation and truancy.



    Any time a student arrives at school after their first class has begun, they need to first stop in the Attendance Office to check in (even if it is lunch time or in-between classes). If you know your student will be late, please send them with a note stating the reason. If it is due to a medical/dental appointment, the student should bring a note from the office and the absence/tardy will be automatically excused.  Whether a tardy is excused or unexcused is determined by the same criteria as absences (below).  

    What is the difference between an excused and an unexcused absence/tardy?
    Whether an absence is considered excused or unexcused is determined by CA State law. In accordance with State law, only absences for the following reasons are considered excused

    1.      Student’s own illness;

    2.      Student’s medical/dental appointments (parents are encouraged to make appointments outside of school hours, whenever possible);

    3.      Illness/medical appointment for student’s own child;

    4.      Funeral for member of student’s immediate family (immediate family defined as parent/step parent, grandparent, or sibling). One day is excused if funeral is conducted in California and three days are excused if service is conducted outside California;

    5.      Court (when student is required to attend and documentation with student’s name is provided);

    6.      Observation of a religious holiday

    All other absences (whether phoned in by a parent or not) are considered unexcused by the State. You may still clear these absences by reporting the reason to Attendance so they do not become cuts.  

    There is a limit (10 days or the equivalent number of periods) to the number of absences a parent can excuse for a medical reason each year. After the limit is reached, all absences/tardies are unexcused unless a note from a doctor/dentist, etc. is submitted specifying the date(s) absent.  Any absence covered by a doctor/dentist note does not count toward the limit, so always try to remember to ask the provider for a note and submit it to the attendance office within 5 school days. 

    Information and support to families with attendance issues:  


Last Modified on August 18, 2017