• Yearbook Diapers to Diploma Ads

    Parents can now buy senior tribute ads (also known as Diapers to Diploma ads) for the 2017 Tesoro. You can make your own ads on line at www.yearbookordercenter.com. Enter the school code, 7547, or search for the school name. Select “Buy a Yearbook Ad” from the menu. (You can also purchase a yearbook and name embossing at Yearbook Order Center.) To make an ad, you can use one of the templates or create your own unique ad by choosing the single-image option and submitting your own design as single image. Prices are available on the web site or on the attached order form. We’ve also attached some sample pages from last year’s Tesoro. The final deadline is Jan. 16, but parents who buy an ad before Nov. 18 receive a discount. Using the on line ad creation site guarantees that your ad will look exactly like you want. If you are unable to use the site we can make at an ad for you and will email you a proof for your approval. See the flier and order form for details. Parents who cannot afford a full-price ad may contact Mr. Mahoney at mmahoney@sanjuan.edu for information on discounts. Other questions can be sent to yearbookads2017@gmail.com

    Diapers to Diploma ads are the main fundraiser for the yearbook. The class is self-funded and ad sales help us keep book prices low (we are the most affordable book in the Sacramento area by page count) as well as purchase cameras and computers. We appreciate the support of our advertisers. Remember, a Diapers to Diploma ad is the one graduation gift you can give your student that they will still treasure in 50 years.

Last Modified on September 22, 2016