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    Recent Updates about the Corona-19 Virus upon the remaining season

    As you know yesterday the CHSSA Tournament was canceled for this year. This is very sad and slightly frustrating as many studies suggest that by the end of April the contagion of Corona-19 should have ebbed. The choice was made for both concern for students and the parents who attend CHSSA’s health, but also out of concern that teams across the state were canceling and that would jeopardize the competition this year, and every year after. We are hoping to create a system for next year ( that in a similar way that breaking at TOC gives you an automatic bid for the following year ) would give graduating State Qualifiers a Super-Senior States to come back next year and compete. 

    NCFL released a recent posting saying that the May Competition will continue as planned. The tournament takes place after the projected curve. If you have plans to attend, please keep your reservation(s) until you hear otherwise. 

    Nat Quals- The National Qualifying Tournament is canceled for now. I was talking to the NSDA coordinator today, and we are trying to move the date to late April or early May. This is the best plan as it would allow for the contagion to ebb and give time for qualifiers to make travel arrangements. Currently, if you are registered for the tournament we do not plan to cancel your registration. 


    TOC has said that the tournament will be on-line and we will have to re-register all students for this new TOC-on-line. 


    The current guidelines for MLHS moving forward are that no event that is multi-school or over 250 students in design can take place. This means all games, shows, performances and field trips that would put new students into new places are rejected or canceled. This includes SAR and SAR practice. We expect that to be moved to May. May will be a busy month. Classes are expected to continue. The district does not plan to close any school until there are two students from two unique locations have Corona-19. If this occurs that any closure will only occur at that school. 


    The good news is that our showcase is under 250 people so we are allowed to continue planning for it. Yay for small victories. 

     University of the Pacific 2018NCFL Washington DC

                                      Mira Loma Speech and Debate Team 2018-2019

  •            There is not a team at Mira Loma High School that does more for the mental, emotional and social health of its students that the MLHS Speech and Debate Team. While, we are frequently told that we live in a golden age of information and communication not everyone is born as an effective communicator. Great students need to be able to think in a manner that pushes them to convey complex thoughts and speak with purpose and control.  It is these very skills which Speech and Debate aims to develop, in order to foster not only presentation skills, but also analytical skills that improve their confidence in and out of the classroom.

          While many students may use their Speech and Debate experience in the fields with which it is most directly associated - law, drama, politics – many more will instead find careers in science, medicine, or engineering. Among the most powerful benefits of participating in Speech and Debate is that no matter which field a student may ultimately specialize in, the events they participate in will develop confidence, reasoning, and poise. Our team encourages all students on campus to come together. We have a well-developed student leadership team that helps to grow each other's skills and encourages individual success. The team (annually over a hundred active members) is made up of a team of captains to help all students be seen, feel personal development is taking place and that their contributions matter. 


                       We are the most active team in the Capital Valley Forensics  League. We attend more tournaments, invitationals and national competitions than anyone else giving our team the largest number of opportunities to compete and work with the busy I.B schedule that many of our students have. Last season was a remarkable one for the Mira Loma Speech and Debate team were had students qualify for States, Nationals, NCFL and TOC tournaments. This year, we hope to build on that success – not just in hopes of amassing trophies at competitions, but in developing communication skills that will serve students and their communities long after they graduate from Mira Loma. 
                        We welcome all students with any or no experience to join our team. We would encourage you to visit our team website by clicking here!


    We hope to see you on the team! 



    Here is the Mira Loma Speech and Debate Website HERE


    Here is the Mira Loma Speech and Debate Facebook Page HERE 


    To see the latest (in a long history) of the MLHSSpeech and Debate Accomplishments: 

    The current members of the MLHS S&D Board are:
    President: Johnny Schimmelman 
    Vice President: Rhitishah Yuva-Raju
    Treasurer: Justin Ro
    Secretary: Achyutha Kodavatikanti
    Public Relations: Neha Seshadri 
    Debate Captain (Lincoln Douglas) - Maria Richards
    Debate Captain (Public Forum) - Praveen Gunendran
    Speech Captain (Limited Prep) - James Hu
    Speech Captain (Originals) - Tanushree Jain
    Speech Captain (Interpretations) -Shreya Shridar 
    Congress Captain: Ivy Guo


Last Modified on March 14, 2020