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                          MLHS S and D Team 2015-2016     

                                             MLHS 2015-16 Speech and Debate Team

                                      Mira Loma Speech and Debate Team 2015-2016 

  •             We are frequently told that we live in a golden age of information and communication. Yet, at times, it seems as though while one can send a message half-way across the world in a blink of an eye, the actual skills of communication have gone by the wayside. It is these very skills which Speech and Debate aims to develop, in order to foster not only presentation skills, but also analytical skills. 

                     While many students may use their Speech and Debate experience in the fields with which it is most directly associated - law, drama, politics – many more will instead find careers in science, medicine, or engineering. Among the most powerful benefits of participating in Speech and Debate is that no matter which field a student may ultimately specialize in, the events they participate in will develop confidence, reasoning, and poise.

                       Last season was a remarkable one for the Mira Loma Speech and Debate team. This year, we hope to build on that success – not just in hopes of amassing trophies at competitions, but in developing communication skills that will serve students and their communities long after they graduate from Mira Loma. 

                        Over the course of my time as a member of this team, I have gained so much from experience at tournaments, from learning from my fellow team-members and from competitors at other schools. I am tremendously honored by the fact that you have selected me to be your president for the coming season, and I am dedicated to working to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to come to love Speech and Debate as I have come to love it.

                         I look forward to a fantastic season. 

                         Sincerely yours, 

                         Shaina Zuber 
                         MLSD President, 2015-2016



  • Please congratulate the following students for their recent success at the Cal Berkeley Speech and Debate Invitational.(Feb 13- Feb 15th)

    Mathew Zheng- 1st place Extemp. Speaking- Over 300 entries AND 4th place Impromptu-Over 300 entries

    Charlie McMurry- Quarter finalist- Humourous Interpretation (Top 30) Over 300 entries
    Evelyn Zhang and Catherin Wang- Quarter Finalist- Duo Intrepretaion(Top 30)- over 300 entries
    Gayathri Sundaran- Octo Finalist- Impromptu(Top 60) over 300 entries
    Divita Pandita- Octo Finalist- Original Oratory(Top 60) over 300 entries
    Ethan Wu- OctoFinalist- Extemp. Speaking (Top 60) over 300 entries
    Over 3,000 students  competed  from all over the world in this exciting tournament!

    Speech and Debate Accomplishments: 

  • The current members of the MLHS S&D Board are:
    President: Shaina Zuber
    Vice President: Charlie McMurry
    Treasurer: Adith Srivatsa
    Nikhilesh Kumar
    Debate Captain (Lincoln Douglas) - Jonathan Kung
    Debate Captain (Public Forum) - Nimish Saxena
    Speech Captain (Limited Prep) - Matthew Zheng
    Speech Captain (Originals) - Srilekha Bonala
    Speech Captain (Interpretations) - Catherine Wang
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