•  Welcome to the Mira Loma Speech and Debate Team

    We are proud to be a nationally ranked team that is open to all students at Mira Loma!


     We are excited to announce that the MLHS SD Team will be able to have a complete and expansive competitive season! If you would like to see what Speech and Debate can do for you, come to our Start-of-the-Season meeting Monday August 22nd (for returning members) and August 29th for new members!  If you would like to attend our meeting email us at  miralomasd@gmail.com or come by room A202 and talk with Mr. Stinson.

                               The MLHS Speech and Debate Team meets every Monday in room F-3 from 3:45- 5:15pm! 
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                                      Mira Loma Speech and Debate Team

  •            There is not a team at Mira Loma High School that does more for the mental, emotional, and social health of its students than the MLHS Speech and Debate Team. While we are frequently told that we live in a golden age of information and communication, not everyone is born as an effective communicator. Great students need to be able to think in a manner that pushes them to convey complex thoughts and speak with purpose and control.  It is these very skills that Speech and Debate aim to develop, in order to foster not only presentation skills but also analytical skills that improve their confidence in and out of the classroom.

          While many students may use their Speech and Debate experience in the fields with which it is most directly associated - law, drama, politics – many more will instead find careers in science, medicine, or engineering. Among the most powerful benefits of participating in Speech and Debate is that no matter which field a student may ultimately specialize in, the events they participate in will develop confidence, reasoning, and poise. Our team encourages all students on campus to come together. We have a well-developed student leadership team that helps to grow each other's skills and encourages individual success. The team (annually over a hundred active members) is made up of a team of captains to help all students be seen, feel personal development is taking place and that their contributions matter. 

                       We are the most active team in the Capital Valley Forensics League. We attend more tournaments, invitationals, and national competitions than anyone else giving our team the largest number of opportunities to compete and work with the busy I.B. schedule that many of our students have. Last season was a remarkable one for the Mira Loma Speech and Debate team we've had students qualify for States, Nationals, NCFL, and TOC tournaments. This year, we hope to build on that success – not just in hopes of amassing trophies at competitions, but in developing communication skills that will serve students and their communities long after they graduate from Mira Loma. 

                        We welcome all students with any or no experience to join our team. We would encourage you to visit our team website by clicking here!

    We hope to see you on the team! 



  • The 2022-2023 League Schedule (complete invitational schedule is pending team approval)

    • 9/17  Debate at Ponderosa  
    • 10/8  Speech at Mira Loma
    • 10/22 Debate at Oakridge
    • 11/5  Speech at Woodcreek
    • 12/10 Debate at Davis Senior 
    • 1/ 28  NCFL Waldorf 
    • 2/4  Speech at St. Francis
    • 3/3-4 Debate/Congress Quals at Granite Bay
    • 3/10-11 Speech Quals at Oakridge
    • 3/24-25 Nat Quals suggested date
    • 4/21-23 State Tournament at Carlsbad High School, Carlsbad Ca

    Here is the Mira Loma Speech and Debate Website HERE


    Here is the Mira Loma Speech and Debate Facebook Page HERE 


    To see the latest (in a long history) of the MLHSSpeech and Debate Accomplishments: 

  • speech logo The 2022-2023 Leadership Team:

    President: Raghava Kodavatikanti

    Vice President: Reva Sharma

    Secretary: Khadijah Atthar and Neha Suri

    Treasurer: Kushal Chebiyam

    Public Relations: Leo Guo and Showmen Talukder


    Interpretation Captain: Kylie and Kaylie Huang

    Originals Captain: Tanisha Tomar and Chuer Yang

    Limited Prep Captain: Julia Mathew

    Congress Captain: Milinda Mickel

    Lincoln Douglas Captain: Shrey Gautum

    Public Forum Captain: Srivishal Sudharsan & Surya Srikumar 

    Policy Captain: Chris Cotrutsa

    Parliamentary Captain: Saketaram Parvataneni and Ashwath Pallavalli

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