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    Counseling News: Class Schedules for 2021-22 School Year

    Hello Cougar students and families!

    We are aware that many students have begun seeing classes show up in their student portal. This is a friendly reminder that all student schedules are still a work in progress. Many schedules start by auto-populating and then our Counselors review each one and make changes. They are working very hard to make sure that all students have the classes they need to stay on track for graduation, don't repeat core classes completed in previous years, and that they get their preferred languages and electives whenever possible.

    We kindly ask for your patience as we continue to hammer out the details. Every phone call and email related to student schedules that the Counselors receive at this time delays the process. We understand many of you are concerned, especially after the difficult and strange school years you have had recently. Please know that you WILL be able to request a schedule change online, but the form will not be available until AFTER schedules are finalized the evening of Wednesday, August 11th.

    A schedule change will only be considered for the following reasons:

    • Missing a grade level graduation requirement
    • You are in the wrong level of a course, i.e. did not pass the prerequisite or already took the class (electives are repeatable).
    • You have a hole in your schedule (no period 2 for example).

    On the first day of school, students will go to their Period 5 Homeroom class. Their Homeroom teacher will go over their schedules in detail. You will also see homeroom classes assigned for Periods 6-9. Please know that we only have 4 periods during the school day. Periods 5-9 will take place on different days of the week during the DCAAEL period. Students will receive more details on how the DCAAEL period works on the first day of school.

    Thank you for your patience we look forward to a great 2021/22 school year!


     For appointment with your counselor, please stop by the Counseling Office before/after school or during lunch.
    Del Campo Counseling Team
    Joy Ashwell,               joy.ashwell@sanjuan.edu                    A-Gas                 
    Anna Khoklan,            anna.khoklan@sanjuan.edu                Gat-Mak & ELL
    Mariska Brinkley,        mariska.brinkley@sanjuan.edu            Mal-Pere & AVID
    Autumn Dello Russo,   autumn.dellorusso@sanjuan.edu         Perf-Z
    Counseling Administrative Staff
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