• Hi! Welcome to Rio's Queer-Straight Alliance.
    In this club, we talk about LGBTQA+ issues and topics. We talk about a wide range of topics, oppression faced by queer people, relationships, history, and we also do group discussions or questions on sexualities and genders of all types (including pansexuality, asexuality/aromanticism, transgender and nonbinary genders, lesbians, gays, and everything else). 
    We meet up every Wednesday in the library at lunch. If there are any holidays or days we do not meet, an email will be sent out to the members.  Meetings usually last all lunch period.
     Any student can join QSA, as long as they are open to listening to LGBTQA+ problems and discussions. We provide a safe space for people to talk about their sexuality and gender. 
    If you are interested in coming to a meeting, joining the Queer-Straight Alliance, or have questions on the LGBTQA+ community or anything else mentioned here, email QSA advisor Laura Fierro (RIo Teacher-Librarian) @ laura.fierro@sanjuan.edu.  (Or drop by the library anytime).

    Also check out the Rio QSA page 
    Rio Americano QSA
Last Modified on January 9, 2019