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    Expected Schoolwide Learning Results


    La Vista students will demonstrate effective communication strategies, positive attitudes, and problem solving skills in the pursuit of knowledge.



    Students will

    o   Take initiative

    o   Work Independently and Collaboratively

    o   Identify a Problem

    o   Collect and Analyze Information

    o   Construct and Evaluate Solutions

    o    Apply Best Solution to Solve the Problem


    Students will

    o   Develop Skills to be Active Participants in Their Own Learning

    o   Recognize Personal Strengths and Worth

    o   Be Self-Determined

    o   Respect Themselves and Others


    Students will

    o   Listen, Read, and Write Effectively and Proficiently

    o   Speak with Confidence and Authority

    o   Present Work Using a Variety of Multi-Media

    o   Contribute Effectively in Collaborative Situations


    Students will

    o   Analyze Information for Deeper Understanding

    o   Apply General Principles to Varied Life Experiences Across Environments

    o   Synthesize Information to Form New Ideas and Original Constructs

    o   Evaluate Concepts for Their Importance and Relevance


Last Modified on March 9, 2015