• Honors / Accelerated Program Information

    Barrett's Honors Agreement

    Students who have demonstrated high achievement, interest, and/or potential in one or more academic areas may be ready to take honors/accelerated classes. Enrollment in these classes takes place in the spring during the course selection process. At that time, sites will assist students in choosing which science, English, social studies and/or accelerated math classes will best meet their academic needs.

    The curriculum and instruction in honors/accelerated classes are designed to engage and challenge advanced learners, e.g. problem-based learning, research, and investigations. Honors/accelerated classes provide opportunities to build on individual academic strengths, develop critical and creative thinking skills, and prepare students for advanced coursework in high school, i.e. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate at Mira Loma, or traditional High School Honors courses.

    Honors Indicators of Success

    Demonstrated Interest / Curiosity in the subject area.

    • Previous attainment of prerequisite skills and vocabulary in the subject area.
    • Motivation remains high in the face of challenges.
    • High frustration threshold.
    • Reads above grade level.
    • Engages in higher critical thinking.
    • Self-motivated, well organized and apt to work independently for extended periods.
    • Demonstrated ability to self-advocate, seeks help and guidance when needed.
    • Consistently completes and submits assignments on time.

    Honors / Accelerated Program Placement Criteria

    Honors English
    Winter MAP Language Arts score
    CAASPP score
    Language Arts Report Card
    Teacher Recommendation

    Honors Social Studies
    Winter MAP Language Arts
    CAASPP score
    Social Studies/ELA Report Card
    Teacher Recommendation

    Honors Science
    Winter MAP ELA & Math
    CAASPP score
    Math, Science/ELA Report Card
    Teacher Recommendation

    Accelerated Math
    Winter MAP Math
    CAASPP score
    Math Report Card
    Teacher Recommendation

Last Modified on December 1, 2016