About the CSU System

  • CSU In 1857, the California government decided to rename Minns Evening Normal School to California State Normal School, making it the first publicly-funded institution of higher learning in the state. The campus was soon relocated from San Francisco to San Jose, where it was eventually renamed San Jose State University. A southern branch was established in Los Angeles, though it later became UCLA.
    From 1887 to 1901, four more schools (Chico, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo) were founded. With the addition of the Channel Islands campus in 2002, the CSU system has grown to encompass a staggering 23 schools, including a research university, two polytechnic universities and a maritime academy.
    The CSU system has also grown into one of the largest contributors to the California economy. Nearly 100,000 students graduate from CSU schools annually, meaning the system produces the largest amount of bachelor's degrees in the entire country. The system itself sustains over 150,000 jobs in the State of California, and related expenditures reach $17 billion annually.  
    CSU Schools Though the CSU System is mostly governed by state law, the Board of Trustees serves as administrator, appointing the chancellor and CEO of the system, as well as the president of each campus. The board is composed of 16 trustees, two students and a tenured faculty member--all appointed by the Governor of California--as well as a member of the alumni associations of the state universities. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, Superintendent of Public Education, and the CSU Chancellor also serve as "ex officio" members. The current CSU Chancellor is former UC Riverside chancellor Timothy White. 
    Several CSU schools are consistently ranked among the best schools in the country, if not the world. The CSU system is also one of the top producers of graduates who go on to earn their Ph.D. degrees in a related field. Whereas UC schools have a research and medical center focus, CSU schools allow for more general study, though many individual schools have some particularly distinguished programs.
    For more information, visit the CSU website
Last Modified on March 8, 2019