• ashaMy name is Asha Armstrong and I will be a Junior at Rio Americano in the up-coming year. I have attended Rio since I was a freshman and I hope to be able to represent the student body on the up-coming Student site council. I have been in the San Juan School District since Kindergarten, as was my father through his entire school career.  As I get older, I am more aware of what conditions, programs and overall environments seem to foster the best way to learn.  Especially when you consider how many hours a day you spend on your school’s campus - basically you live where you learn.  And no different than the time parents spend in deciding on where to buy a house that best suits the needs of their families, I believe we need to make sure our schools meet the needs of the families and students that will be attending our schools.  I am involved in my school on many different levels - I am in the Civitas program, on the high school soccer team, and an avid participant in many clubs on campus. I also have friends that attend other High Schools in the area, and I can honestly say, I would choose Rio over these schools.  But as with anything, there are always changes and improvements that can be made.  As a member of the student site council I would be able to bring in many different view points due to the connections I have made on campus through my academics and through my extra curricular activities, such as soccer. I would not make decisions that would only benefit one group at Rio, I would instead make decisions that would benefit the student body as a whole. I am proud that my parents moved back to Sacramento knowing that Rio Americano would be my home High School - and I want to make sure that Rio continues to hold that same high place in the minds of all the future students who will attend this school.  Please vote Asha Armstrong for Student Site Council and I thank you for your vote.

    Asha Armstrong 

Last Modified on December 6, 2016