• The atmosphere at LeGette School is positive and the expectations are always high whether in the classroom, the playground or at an assembly. All stakeholders believe that our children are special. Our core beliefs are founded in our Eagle Expectations.

    Eagle Expectations:
    In order to promote a positive and safe learning environment, LeGette students are:
                      Safe      ~~~      Respectful      ~~~      Responsible

    To support students with these expectations, the rubrics below illustrate what these expectations look like and sound like in various locations about LeGette School. Rubrics are found in classrooms, hallways, on the playground, the lunch room, and other areas throughout campus. Our faculty teaches, guides, and models for students on how to live up to these expectations. 






    To support these core beliefs, staff adheres to a philosophy of Love and Logic www.loveandlogic.com

    Love and Logic:
    Love and Logic for teachers is a method of relating with students developed by educational expert Jim Fay, child psychiatrist Foster W. Cline MD, and Dr. Charles Fay, Ph.D.

    Love and Logic techniques employ tools for everyone on the LeGette campus. These techniques promote healthy relationships and a positive school-wide climate and discipline, placing students at the center of responsibility for his/her actions and allotting consequences that are logical and student driven.

    Visit www.loveandlogic.com  or attend an informational parent night for more information.

    As students demonstrate safety, respect, and responsibility, LeGette staff notices and then ‘fills their bucket’ by celebrating those traits. 

Last Modified on July 31, 2017