Arden Strategic Plan 2011-2014

  • The Arden Middle School Strategic Plan is a plan that will guide our school into the future and provide a focus for the school community. The plan will take three years to implement, and by the spring of 2014, all aspects of the plan should be in place. The plan is broken into tactics, all of which support the school's mission and objectives. The Strategic Planning Team first met in January 2010 for an intense two-day session to develop the 2011-14 draft plan. The results of that initial work: a shared set of beliefs; a mission giving direction for the school; objectives on how to measure success; and strategies to achieve success. From there, action teams were formed to meet for each of the identified tactics.  At the end of the process, a set of plans were approved which will be implemented over the next several years.  Resources available will be allocated based upon these plans. 
    Quarterly, we will report on the progress being made on each implemented plan.  At the end of each year, progress on each of the objectives will be reported to the School Site Council and the larger school community, demonstrating evidence of movement toward the school’s mission. 
    The Planning Team will revisit the plan annually, revising as needed across years.

    Arden Middle School Mission

    Inspired by a legacy of excellence and a commitment to students, Arden Middle ensures every student will achieve academic success and value responsibility by providing and celebrating the Arden Experience of dynamic progressive learning, enriching opportunities and meaningful staff-student connections.

    Arden Middle School Goals

    • We will utilize data, collaborate and practice quality instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students and create learner-centered school experiences. 
    • We will ensure a learner-centered school environment that emphasizes 21st century skills, integrates positive character traits, personalizes instruction and actively engages all students. 
    • We will provide time within our school day and beyond for enriching social interactions and academic opportunities. 
    • We will foster communication, strong relationships with our families and the greater
    • community.
Last Modified on May 17, 2014