•  Español IV (primer semestre)                                   El programa del curso y reglamento

    Sra. Nieves                                                                                                                  Del Campo High School, room 7

    enieves@sanjuan.edu                                                                                                    Fall Semester 2015

    Horas de oficina y detención académica/ Office Hours and Academic Detention: Both will take place on Tuesday and Thursday in room 7 during lunch.  Students who would like additional help may come in during the office hours or make an appointment with me at an additional time.

    Course Description:

    Spanish 4 is designed for students to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in the Spanish language for both non-heritage and heritage speakers.  The course will emphasize speaking, reading, listening comprehension and writing skill in the target language.  The class will be conducted in Spanish and students will be expected to participate in Spanish.  English will only be used when comparing language structures or cultural comparisons. Students will gain appreciation for the many varieties of the Spanish language and cultures in the Spanish-speaking world. Throughout the course, the textbook Nuevas Vistas, Curso de introducción will be used along with additional material provided by the teacher.

    Required Material:

    The following materials must be brought to class daily

    1. Pens, pencils, and highlighters (Bolígrafos, lápices, y subrayador/resaltador)
    2. Textbooks and reading materials (Libros de texto y otros materiales)
    3. Tape and/or glue stick (Cinta o pegamento)
    4. Loose-leaf paper (hojas de papel)
    5. Spanish interactive notebook (Cuaderno)-(3- subject minimum divided in three sections: Repasos, Apuntes, y Trabajo escrito)


    El Cuaderno/Interactive notebook:  Students are required to do all in-class assignments in their interactive notebook.   Students will complete daily warm-ups, record notes in Cornell format, and classwork in the notebook. Any important handouts must be into their notebook.The teacher will check the notebooks periodically for organization and completion (see notebook guideline).  

    Las expectativas/Student responsibilities and expectations:

    Be prepared: Bring all required materials to class daily, be prepared to get to work as soon as you enter the classroom.  

    Be productive:  Complete all assignments with effort and integrity.  Do your best on every assignment.  

    Be professional:  Act and dress professionally both inside and outside of the classroom.   Use your academic register and adult voice in class.  

    Be prompt:  Come to class and be in your seat BEFORE the bell rings. If a student arrives late, they may not enter the class and must go to the attendance office for a pass to enter.

    Be participative: Speaking Spanish and participating actively both inside and outside of class is vital for success. 

    Be polite:  Use the magic words, have common courtesy, don’t speak out of turn nor interrupt others.  

    Be positive:  Believe in yourself and enjoy your learning experience!  

    Tardy Policy:

     1st & 2nd tardy= warning, 3rd and 4th= detention, 5th -8th = referral and Saturday school

     9th or more= VP referral and Thursday school or suspension and mandatory parent conference.

    El comportamiento/Classroom behavior:

    Please refer to the Student Handbook for all rules regarding behavior and dress-code.  Disrespectful behavior or offensive remarks regarding gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, intelligence, or physical appearance will not be tolerated.  Although participation is highly encouraged, conversation is limited to the topic at hand.  Any side-conversations or disrespectful interruptions will not be tolerated.  

    The following are not allowed and will result in an afterschool detention after initial warning:                                                                                                                                             

    •                    Gum chewing, eating, or drinking.                                                                                                                     

    •                    Electronic devices; turned off and in your backpack as soon as you enter the classroom.                                                                                                                          

    •                    Moving about the classroom or leaving the classroom without the teacher’s permission.              

    •                    No backpack in your lap or on your desk; they must remain on the floor. 

    •                    Personal grooming

    Please see the following consequences for this type of behavior:

    1- Verbal warning (un aviso)

    2- After-school detention (detención)

    3- Referral to the VP and Saturday School (escuela de sábado)

    El plagio/Academic Fraud:  All assignments are to be completed individually and to the best of the student’s ability.  Copying from another person or another source, including the internet, is considered cheating.  If any assignment is questionable, the student will be sent to the Dean immediately.  Using an online translator or copying from the internet is also considered cheating.

    Tarea y la detención académica/ Homework Policy and Academic Detention:  You can expect to have homework almost every single day. Completing homework assignments is essential for learning.  Therefore, all homework assignments need to be complete, neat, and organized. Homework assignments will be collected at the beginning of class, before students start the daily warm-up (repasos).  Each homework assignment is worth 30 pts. Students will receive 30 points for completed and mostly accurate work, 20 points for half completed work or multiple errors (50%), 16 points for incomplete, largely inaccurate work (more than 50% errors), 15 points for assignment not turned in. No 0 will be given except for academic fraud. Students will receive 20 points for homework completed during Academic Detention. Otherwise, NO late work is accepted.

    Academic Detention will be assigned when a student fails to complete a homework assignment.  Incomplete assignments include: assignments that are partially complete, assignments with many errors, or sloppy work. 

    If you are absent, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for retrieving any necessary handouts and/or instructions and turning in the homework that was assigned the day you were gone the following day or upon return.  You have the same amount of days you are absent to make up the missing work. 

    Pruebas y exámenes/Quizzes and Tests: There will be weekly quizzes on vocabulary, listening/reading comprehension, speaking and grammar structures.   Students can expect at least two quizzes or a test per week.  If a student misses a quiz or test, it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange a time to re-take the quiz and will have one day for each day absent to make up a quiz or otherwise will earn a "0".

    (Example:  Student is sick on Monday and Tuesday, student has until Thursday to take the test)

    Pases de baño/Bathroom Passes:  Each student will receive three bathroom passes a semester.  These are only to be used for emergencies and will not be replaced if lost.   The passes will be worth 4 points each towards the final exam in the winter.  The passes expire at the end of the semester. 

    Participación/Participation in Spanish: Verbal participation in activities and discussions is essential for your success and acquisition of the Spanish language. Students are expected apply what they learn and to try their best when participating in Spanish.  There are numerous opportunities for students to volunteer during class, (i.e. contributing to class discussions, answering questions from warm-ups, and revising homework, performing skits, presentations, etc). Points are recorded daily.

    Grade weight categories:

    Participation       25%                       

    Classwork and Homework 20%

    Tests, quizzes, midterms, finals, projects, and notebook 55%   

    Paper headings and Cornell format:   Students are required to complete all assignments with the following heading.   Students are also required to use the Cornell format for their notes.  

  • Estudien el programa de curso y traigan su cuaderno de español 4. 
























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