•  Welcome to my webpage. I'm so excited to be part of Gold River Discovery Center teaching my favorite subject, SCIENCE! You will find various folders on the left side of your screen. Feel free to visit me before or after school for extra help on any content or with organization of your science binder. I am here to inspire, teach and guide you through the crazy world called middle school.
    Ms. Trevino 
    Schedule 2014-2015
    Period 1 Homeroom (7th grade)
    Period 2 Study Hall (7th grade)
    Period 3 Science (6th grade) 
    Period 4 Science (8th grade) 
    Period 5 Science (8th grade) 
    Period 6 Science (8th grade) 
    Period 7 Science (7th grade) 
     Tide pooling along the Lost Coast
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