Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lindgren

  • 2019-20 7th grade Math is changing as we speak!
     During this time, we are trying to find ANY way to help our students learn to be prepared for the next level of thier education no matter what form that may take. 
    To sit at home and not make an effort to better yourself or prepare yourself for your educational future cannot be an option for our students.
    I teach 7th grade Mathematics here at Will Rogers MIddle School, that has not changed. What has changed is HOW I teach. I am available whenever you need me for help. You just have to DO SOMETHING that might require help. There are currently assignments availalble through the portal on your HMH.  Soon there will be standard-specific packets for review that are similar to what we have been doing in class. Solutions will be available, and as I said teachers are available through email at this point. 
    Will Rogers math teachers hope that you are giving your children and our students the necessary tools they need to be ready to learn. I don't mean pencils and paper (they should have that too!). I mean sleep, food and encouragement. Especially during this time, our students should be getting encouragement to learn.
    Our kids are a dynamic, interesting, and creative group of individuals that all have amazing personalities. Inside these personalities are ideas, wonderings, and expressions that can only be truly developed through an active and rested body and mind.
    I will thank you in advance for your continued support this year, I know we will do well as a community that comes together for the sake of our children. You can contact me anytime.
    I would encourage students to contact me with any concerns. 
    Thank you

About Me: 

I graduated from UC Santa Barbara as a Mathematics Major and I continue to enjoy teaching and learning mathematics! 

This is my 9th year teaching 

Things I enjoy and care about: 

Teaching - Seeing students learn is so rewarding and gives me energy. 

My wife - also in education

My Pets:  Tater my Queensland Healer that hikes with me, and Kit Kat my cat 

Camping & Hiking - mostly in the Sierras

Snow Skiing - mostly in the Sierras but would like to try other states 

Riding my bike with friends 

Cruising - sometimes if my wife makes me, but I do enjoy the scenery and slowing down a bit. 

Taking care of our farm - We grow figs and citrus

What I believe: 

I believe that all students can learn mathematics

I believe that all students desire to be good and kind 

I believe that we learn from our mistakes

I believe that if I respect my students they will learn to respect others

I believe in taking care of myself: I exersize and try to eat healthy, and rest my mind from time to time. 



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