To provide a safe and positive environment at school events, Del Camp administration reserves the right to deny attendance to anyone.

    *Students must be in good standing in order to attend dances.

    1.     Students must be passing all classes (No F’s or Incompletes on previous grading period).

    2.     Students must have NO outstanding fines.

    3.     Students must have NO unserved discipline assignments (Lunch Detentions, Saturday Schools, Thursday Schools).

    4.     Students must attend school the entire day on Friday prior to a Friday or a Saturday dance.

    5.     Any student placed in alternative education program for a non-expellable offense will be allowed to attend school activities only at the discretion of the principal or principal’s designee.

    6.     High school age children who have dropped out of school and have not re-enrolled in an educational program will NOT be granted a guest pass.

    7.     A student or guest who leaves an activity may NOT return.

    8.     Students are limited to one guest per activity.

    ALL students and guests must comply with San Juan Unified School District policies, including all aspects of the Dress Code.

    Only Del Campo students and pre-approved guests are admitted to dances. All students must present a current student I.D. card and a pre-purchased ticket at the door in order to gain admission. No tickets will be sold at the door. 

    Del Campo dances are school-sponsored events. Tickets are sold during lunch and after school at the financial window. Students need to present their current Del Campo ID card to purchase a ticket. The normal school dress code applies at school dances unless otherwise noted. Formal dances may have specific dress code provisions. A written copy of these will be distributed when tickets are purchased.

    Guest Bids

    Guests are only permitted to attend the following dances: Homecoming, TWIRP, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball. All other dances are for Del Campo students only. If a student wishes to bring one guest who is not a Del Campo student, s/he must obtain prior administrative approval. Guests who are not in at least the 9th grade or who are 21 years of age or older will not be approved. Guest bid applications are available one to two weeks prior to the dance. Once completed and approved, students return the bid to the principal's secretary who will issue a guest bid allowing the DC student to purchase a ticket for his/her guest. Students should NOT purchase dance tickets until guest bids are approved. Del Campo students must arrive with and attend the dance with their guests. Guests must have some form of current picture I.D. to enter the dance. Former students who have withdrawn from school must have guest bids.

    To provide a safe and positive environment at school events, Del Campo administration reserves the right to deny attendance to anyone.


    No students will be admitted the last hour of the dance. Students are expected to be picked up no later than 10 minutes following the conclusion of the dance. Any student who does not arrange to be picked up within 10 minutes after a dance ends will be placed on social probation and will forfeit his/her privilege to attend the next dance.

    ID Cards

    Admission to dances will be available only to Del Campo students with current Del Campo identification cards and pre-purchased tickets and those persons whose names appear on the bids who accompany a Del Campo student and have a current photo I.D. card. The I.D. card must be presented at the time of purchase and for admission at each dance. Replacements for lost student I.D. cards can be purchased for $5.00 in room 17 at lunch.

    Offensive Conduct

    Any offensive conduct will result in dismissal from the dance and possible additional disciplinary action.


    A student or his/her guest may not leave the dance and be readmitted.


    All school rules apply at the dances.


Last Modified on August 17, 2015