Living History at Arden

     Living History at Arden has been an on-going tradition for over twenty years!  These events are open to every student per grade level event. These events are built around state standards and experiencing the past. Due to COVID-19  events may be virtual this year.  Please check back for updates.
    In sixth grade students study the ancient world.  Their living history event is the Greek Olympics and Greek Night.  Students participate in opening ceremonies, followed by athletic events, temple building, and academic events…there is even Greek food!! 
    In seventh grade students study the medieval world and attend the Medieval Tournament. 
    Students compete in medieval events such as wool spinning, calligraphy, and jousting as well as enjoying entertainment and the dubbing ceremony. 
    In eight grade students study American history and their living history event is called Westward Ho!  It is a culminating event of the westward movement standard.  Eighth graders compete in cow pie tossin', seed spittin' and a pony express ride as well as group activities like sing-a-longs and square dancing. 
    When your child attends Arden, it is events like these they will look back on and remember for the rest of their lives. History at Arden is not old…its living! 
Last Modified on August 24, 2020