• Parents, welcome to Arden Middle School! We are a community dedicated to ensuring every student will achieve academic success and value responsibility by providing and celebrating the Arden Experience of dynamic and progressive learning, enriching opportunities and meaningful staff-student connections. 
    This section of our website is dedicated to providing parents with information and resources to help support students. You can find information on:  

    The School Office

    Here you'll find a listing of Arden's office staff and hours.

    Attendance & Early Dismissal

    Here you'll find information on clearing absences and supporting your student's good attendance.

    Parent Portal

    Visit the Parent Portal to access your student's grades, attendance and report cards.


    Find out how to get more information about your student's homework assignments

    P.E. Clothes and Student Planner

    Information on Arden P.E. clothes and student planners.


    Cell Phone Policy

    Find out how to help your student keep their personal devices from becoming disruptions to the Arden learning environment.

    Dress Code

    Get familiar with what is, and is not, allowed for student dress on the Arden campus.  
Last Modified on October 16, 2020