2017-2018 Mira Loma Cheerleading


    Senior Class of 2018   Years on Squad:       Sophomore Class of 2020        
    Gmena Jackson   1st year   CAPTAIN   Asha Johnson   2nd year   CO-CAPTAIN
    Lorena Anaya   2nd year       Brenda Garcia   1st year    
    Kylie Koelzer   1st year   CAPTAIN   Daisee Chau   2nd year   CO-CAPTAIN
    Nahum “Shaggy” Cruz   1st year       Rafla Mahdi   1st year    
    Junior Class of 2019           Freshmen Class of 2021        
    Erin Mulligan   3rd year       Evelyn Mendez   1st year    
    Hannah Castleberry   1st year       Taeyah Thomas   1st year    
    Rachel Walker   2nd year                
    Selena Ochoa   1st year            
    Shelby Stierwalt   1st year            

    The Mira Loma Cheerleaders are currently selling Butter Braid pastries, a delicious premium frozen product that you are sure to enjoy as well as a flavorful variety of cookie dough!

     Fundraiser Ends:              Monday 11/6

    Delivery Date:                  Monday 11/13 

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact:

    Group Leader:                   Natalie Hanson

    Phone Number:                 (916) 521-0990

    Email address:                  natalie.hanson@sanjuan.edu

    Please make checks payable to: MLHS Boosters


Last Modified on October 23, 2017