System of Professional Growth

  • At San Juan Unified, we value our dedicated practitioners and support their continual growth. In 2011, the district and the San Juan Teachers Association recognized that our current evaluation system was not meeting the needs of our staff. Both parties embarked on a joint effort to develop a system that better supports professionals' ability to grow throughout their entire careers. Over the past few years, we've worked with people across the district to build the new System of Professional Growth. Take a look:
  • The System of Professional Growth promotes continual growth and improvement by supporting practitioners' ability to reflect on evidence. Practitioners undergo training and place themselves on rubrics* by self-identifying where they are on nine essential elements from the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Then, practitioners work with trained facilitators throughout the year and focus on a specific goal. The process includes 2-3 observations and 2-3 reflective conversations, which explore multiple measures of evidence. Our goal is to create a cycle of continuous growth.
    In accordance with Education Code, practitioners will go through the process:
    Temporary and probationary practitioners - Every year
    Permanent practitioners with 3-9 years of experience - Every other year
    Permanent practitioners with 10-15 years of experience with the school district -  Every three years 
    Permanent practitioners with 20 or more years of experience with the school district - Every five years
    Click here for additional information, including full rubrics.  
    With San Juan Unified’s system of professional growth, we strive to provide all practitioners with the support they need to reflect upon evidence in order to grow and enhance their work throughout their entire career.  
    * Nurses, counselors, librarians and others will be developing rubrics that are unique to their own professional standards. 
    All of the SPG tools may be accessed on the district intranet:
    Look for the SPG Tile on the portal
                           or > departments > division of teaching and learning > System of Professional Growth

Video overview

  • Co-Chairs of the System of Professional Growth Team (PGT)

    Michelle Schuermann - Co-Chair of the PGT
    Teacher, Del Dayo Elementary School 

    Kristan Schnepp- Co-Chair of the PGT
    Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education


    Peer Facilitator Team - Housed at San Juan High School                                                                                                                             

    • Cheryl Dultz - Facilitator Mentor                                        
    • Kalei Eskridge - Peer Facilitator                                       
    • Darcy Faitel - Peer Facilitator
    • Armando Galvan - Peer Facilitator                                                                                  
    • Jenn James - Peer Facilitator 
    • Starlight Murray - Peer Facilitator
    • Valerie Myers - Peer Facilitator
    • Michaela Nichelmann - Peer Facilitator                                    
    • Renee Nicholson - Peer Facilitator
    • Michelle Pearson - Peer Facilitator 
    • Molly Silva - Peer Facilitator
    • Pam Wallace - Peer Facilitator
    • Sydney Walker - Intermediate Clerk Typist



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