Independent Study Physical Education 2
    Program Overview

    ISPE 2 through El Sereno High School affords students the opportunity to extend physical education learning activities beyond the school campus and regular school hours. ISPE 2 students will be required to complete both academic and physical education program requirements to earn Credit. It is a blended learning class involving PE activities as well as online activities via Google Classroom. Communication with students and teacher occur via Google Classroom. A student may earn no more than ten credits and will receive a grade of Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC) upon completion of the course.

    Enrollment Criteria

    ISPE 2 through El Sereno High School will be available to any new or continuing student entering grades 10-12.  A student can apply for ISPE 2 based on his/her individualized academic plan and he/she meeting the following criteria:

        A student has an impacted schedule due to enrollment in an extra academic or elective class which may preclude him/her from taking a daily, regularly scheduled physical education class.

    Enrollment Requirements

        A student must have passed Physical Education 1 in the ninth grade.
        A student must have passed four of the six fitness gram requirements.
        A student is in the tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade.
        A student cannot be enrolled in an open period or IWE/TA/Tutor period throughout his or her entire high school tenure (10th, 11th, and 12th grades).

    o Enrollment priority for ISPE 2 students will be served based on space in the course and the receipt of completed applications by the registration timeline.  The class is limited to a certain number of students.  Once the class is full, remaining applicants will go on the wait list.

    You can find the Fall 2022 application here.

Last Modified on May 31, 2022