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    Program and Staff Information


    ILS Teaching Philosophy

    “If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn” ― O. Ivar Lovaas


    Program Overview

    The Independent Living Skills program (ILS) is designed to help students with disabilities in learning new and healthy independent living skills.  Our team works to teach these new skills with hands-on instruction.  Students write an independent living plan to meet individual needs in areas such as self-help, meal planning, financial management, housing, transportation, and much more.

    ILS Newsletter
    The ILS Newsletter is produced monthly during the school year. The newsletter contains articles and pictures about class activities, special events, field trips, campus events, and students.
    CLICK HERE to access the ILS Newsletter
    ILS Recycling Program
    The ILS students run a campus recycling program. This program collects white paper (copier/lined), colored paper, and cardboard. The paper is sorted and bound. It is then removed under contract with a paper recycling company, who provides the program with a modest payment for the recycled paper. The students also have started to collect, initially on campus, electronic waste, also know as E-waste. This can include items such as desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, all-in-one printers, scanners, televisions, DVD-VHS players, power cords, ethernet cables, and other related electronic items. The ILS program is working with the City of Citrus Heights Community Liason to coordinate with a local recycling company to ensure the proper disposal of this resource.
    Click on this link to open the campus recycling request form:  https://mesaverdeils.wufoo.com/forms/recycling-form/ 

    ILS Portable Trailer (ILS Program)
    Classroom Telephone:  916.971.5316

    Jenna Barnard: Special Education Teacher - “I have been a teacher only 5 short years but can’t imagine doing anything else. I love ILS and Mesa Verde!”

    Donna Tufto: Special Education Instructional Assistant - has been with the ILS program at Mesa 8 years.

    Joyce Pillay: Special Education Instructional Assistant - has been with the ILS program at Mesa 15 years!


    A-4 Classroom (ILS/Autism & Special Needs)
    Classroom Telephone:  916.971.5330

    Kathy Berkowitz: Special EducationTeacher - After 26 years as an ILS teacher, I continue to find joy, everyday is an adventure. My students continue to amaze me. This is my third year at Mesa Verde and love the way this campus embraces all of its students.

    Ragni Reddy: Special Education Instructional Assistant - has been at Mesa for 1 year. She is also a Mesa Alumni!

    Ric Shaw: Special Education Instructional Assistant - has been with the district for 6 years.

    MeriAngel Enriquez: Special Education Instructional Assistant - has been at Mesa for 2 years. Prior to her time at Mesa she has worked with students and in schools for many years.

    Maryanne Polly:  Special Education Instructional Assistant and Interpreter - has been in education for 17 years. She has been working with her current student for 5 years and been at Mesa for 2 years.


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