CAASPP Testing is Here!

    As a parent, there are a number of ways that you can support your child before taking an end-of-year test. 


    ·       Remind your child that the test is important and encourage him/her to do their best.  Your support is very important to your child!


    ·       Help your child gain a high level of comfort by taking a practice test prior to the day of testing.  These practice test are an opportunity for student(s) to experience items that are similar to what they will see on the actual test.  When practicing, remind your child to listen to instructions and read directions for each question carefully.  Try out the test by going to www.sanjuan.edu/testing.


    ·       The night before testing, make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast. 


    Pasadena Avenue Elementary will be administering the test on April 17- May 26, 2017.  Plan to have your child present on these days!


    If you have any questions about CAASPP, please contact Pasadena Avenue Elementary CAASPP site coordinator,  Vikki Muro.


    CAASPP School Testing Dates

    Next month, students will be taking the end-of year state CAASPP assessment.  Statewide, students in grades 3-8 and 11 take the ELA and math assessments, and, students in grades 5, 8 & HS will take the science pilot test.  These assessments are an important part of California’s plan for high-quality teaching and learning.  These tests are one measurement to assess your student’s progress.  They provide important information to schools, teachers, and parents about how students are doing academically against California’s challenging learning goals. 


    Pasadena Avenue Elementary will be administering the test between the dates of April 17, 2017 to ­­­­May 26, 2017.  


    It is important that your student(s) attend school consistently on these dates.  Additionally, you can help your child prepare by supporting him/her to take the practice test.  The practice test give students an opportunity to try out items similar to what they may see on the end-of-year test. Try out the practice test and www.sanjuan.edu/testing.    


    If you have any questions about CAASPP, contact our school’s CAASPP Site Coordinator, Vikki Muro. 

Last Modified on April 3, 2017