English Language Arts


    The ELA department at Carnegie aligns curriculum with the CCSS.  The Common Core ELA standards are comprehensive and address a broad range of communication skills.  They place particular emphasis on five key areas: reading informational text, reading complex text, close reading and citing text evidence, writing arguments, and research.  Some avenues through which our department addresses these standards are:

    ERWC:   expository reading and writing units developed in conjunction with the CSU system

    Wordmasters:  a nationally recognized vocabulary and analogy program Poetry Out Loud: a national contest in which students select poems to analyze, memorize and recite.

    Writer’s Workshop:   This method of instruction focuses on the goal of fostering lifelong writers. It is based upon four principles: students will write about their own lives, they will use a consistent writing process, they will work in authentic ways, and they will develop independence as writers.

    Students are exposed to a wide variety of reading expectations--decoding, comprehension, analysis, evaluation--through many avenues: short stories, novels, primary source documents, biographies, informational literature, and other non-fiction materials.  Students will engage in independent, self-selected readings as well as teacher-assigned readings.



    Tracy Dozier

    Andrew Carnegie Middle School

    English department

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