• Speacial Education

    Resource (RSP)

    The Resource Program at Carnegie works collaboratively as a department and with general education teachers to ensure students success. Assistance is provided to students in the least restrictive environment through supported and co-taught classes to meet the diverse needs of our learners.  

    Special Day Class (SDC)

    Students are in a self-contained classroom that works on academic skills with an emphasis reading comprehension, language and writing skills.

    Independent Living Skills (ILS)

    Carnegie Middle School offers a unique special education program for students who are moderately to severely handicapped. The Independent Living Skills class focuses on functional academic skills, with an added emphasis on social skills and communication.  Important independent living skills are taught and practiced, through field trips and school activities.

    ILS students also have many opportunities for Integration with regular education peers, through a “best Buddies” program, participation in elective classes, and (student) teacher aides in each class.

    The ILS program has implemented “The Unique Learning System” curriculum, whereby students of all levels can interactively be engaged in the learning process. The program uses a Promethean board, an Apple TV and I-pads.

    The students in the ILS program also have a “full” kitchen, and are taught simple recipes and have opportunities to cook, bake, prepare and decorate for different events throughout the school year. 

    Speech and Language Therapy

    The speech and language therapy program at Carnegie is designed to meet the individual needs of students across a large variety of domains. Students are able to improve their articulation in order to better participate in class discussions, presentations, and chat with peers. Students also have the opportunity to improve their vocabulary and grammar. Finally, the program offers social skills classes that assist students in learning and practicing conversation skills, problem solving, and figurative language. Overall, the speech and language program is designed to promote independent and confident communication skills at school and in the community.

Last Modified on April 18, 2022