• My name is Lauren Calcagno and I want to be a part of Site Council for the 2016-2017 School Year.  I have grown up in the Rio neighborhood, and have wanted to go to Rio ever since I was a little kid.  Rio is a neighborhood school; everyone who lives in the area thinks the school provides excellent education that allows students to succeed in the real world.  After completing my freshman year here, I know that is true.  I want to be on the Site Council to help Rio maintain the excellent reputation it has.  I will make decisions that will benefit everyone on campus and in the community.  I know what all people want from Rio, as I am involved in many activities around the school such as track, cross country, Civitas, volleyball, and various clubs.  The choices I make on Site Council will help Rio become a better place for students to learn and succeed, while also serving their community.  Thank you, and please vote Lauren Calcagno for Site Council!

    Contact me at laurencalcagno@gmail.com 
Last Modified on May 15, 2016