• Hello my friends, my name is Matthew Sutherland and I am running for cite council. Many of you know me but if you don't, I am a soon to be sophomore here at Rio. Now Why should you vote for me? You should vote for me because I will give you a voice. Come and talk to me and i will work hard to make it happen. I am also apart of the Civitas program at Rio, so for the last school year i have been studying how government works. On both local and national stages. I will be able to implement my knowledge into making changing Rio for the better. I am easy to talk to and understand many of the issues we have at Rio.(vending machines, Air conditioning,Esc.) Rio Americano is a great school but i do believe there are things that must change. Vote for me for cite council, so you can make a difference at Rio.
Last Modified on May 19, 2016