• Activity, Fundraiser, or Donation Request Timeline



    • All activity requests must be turned in a minimumof 3 weeks or 15 school days in advance. Requests must be complete with signatures, meeting minutes, and attendance sheets to be considered. 
    • ByFriday: Have your club meeting. Approve the event.  Fill out the Activity and Fundraiser request.  You must have at least 2/3 quorum of your attendance as listed on your Constitution. For example, if you have 10 people on your attendance sheet on file with ASB and the Controller's Office, then you must have at least 7 students in attendance.  Attach an attendance sheet with names, grades, signatures, and student ID numbers. 
    • Monday: All paperwork is reviewed by ASB Director and ASB Officers. If anything is missing or incorrect, the certificated advisor will be notified and paperwork returned to their box. In the case of off campus coaches, the certificated advisor and Athletic Director are going to be the main contacts. It is going to need to be crucial that the lines of communication are open between the certificated advisor, Athletic Director, and coaches so you know the status of your paperwork.  Exceptions will not be made.
    • Tuesday: Student Council will review the request for the activity.  Once approved or denied, it will be given to the Vice Principal in charge of Student Activities by end of school on Tuesday.  Then they will sign and return to ASB Director.  
    • Wednesday:  ASB Director will input all approved requests into SJUSD website for district approval.  Once submitted, they will email an approved/denied/tabled copy of the request to the certificated advisor on file.  ASB Director will submit all requests to the district for approval. After that step is complete, the ASB Director will meet with the Controller to turn all requests into the Finance Office.
    • Certificated advisors must be aware of all events and actions being planned. 
    • Be sure that the Vice Principal in charge of Student Activities and the Student Activities Director sign all contracts with outside companies. 
    • Be sure that all events planned are chaperoned. Afterschool/Evening activities and dances will be limited due to supervision and facilities space.  NIDS will be assigned to all events planned at the calendar party. Other events will require the class, club, or sport to find their own chaperones and administrator for the event.
    • If your club plans on having any type of food truck on campus, you must contact Michelle Fischer at Risk Management or the Civic Permits for approval.  The above timeline applies to food trucks as well.
    • Activity requests must be turned in a minimum of15 school days to be considered for approval.  Ones not meeting the minimum requirements will be denied.  NO exceptions!! 
    • All financial requests must be turned in a minimum 10 school daysto be considered for approval.  Ones not meeting the minimum requirements will be denied.  NO exceptions!! 
    • Paperwork that is incomplete or incorrect will be returned and may not meet the minimum time frames if corrections are not made immediately.
    • At any time, if you have questions, please email Ms. Reich to set up a time to meet to get your questions resolved.  Email is the most efficient way to get your questions answered.



Last Modified on August 14, 2021