• Club Advisor Requirements


    Who forms a club? 

    Any current student at Encina Preparatory High School can be a member of a club.  Clubs must be created by students.  Advisors are there to guide students through the process, but the idea is for the students to complete the process themselves.  Clubs must have a minimum of 10 people on their club roster.  In order to make any type of decisions, there must be a 2/3 quorum.   


    Who can be an advisor? 

    Advisors must be certificated members of the Encina’s staff.  Classified staff and off campus coaches cannot be advisors.  Classified staff and off campus coaches can help guide students in the decision making process, but all forms, final decisions, and purchasing must be done by the certificated advisor on campus. 

Last Modified on August 14, 2021