• Encina Core Values:

    • Every student CAN learn. We will meet their needs without shaming while building capacity.
    • Equity
    • Quality First Instruction/Highly Effective Instructional Practices
    • Every student is valued for who they are and what they can become

    Encina Vision

    All Encina graduates will be academically qualified and intellectually prepared to succeed at a four year university.

    Encina Mission (Core Purpose):

    The Mission (Core Purpose) of Encina Preparatory 6-12 School is to design and deliver an excellent education program which is guided by the Encina Core Values.

    Curriculum and Instruction:

    To improve student achievement by ensuring all teachers are highly skilled in the intentional use of highly effective, research based instructional practices.

    Coordinated Student Services:

    To provide students the support and resources they need to be successful Encina graduates.


    To support student goals for graduation/college/workplace through meaningful relationships between teachers, students, and their families.


    To create a sustainable, shared governance system that enables staff to execute at high levels, the core purpose of the school.
Last Modified on May 17, 2014