• Club Paperwork

    All clubs will be given a plastic folder with all of the paperwork necessary to get started including your Club Constitution, Budget Development, Meeting Minutes, Activity Requests, and Purchase Requisitions.  Any time that you have papers to submit to the Student Council, put your papers in the plastic folder and put in Mrs. Sato’s box in the office.  Please make sure it’s in the folder so that it doesn’t get mixed up or misplaced.  This folder was given as a courtesy and if it is lost, it will be up to the club to replace it.  Folders will be turned in at the end of the year for the upcoming school year.


    What paperwork needs to be turned in, in order to be an official chartered club on campus?


    ·      Club Constitution each school year.

    ·      Club Budget each school year.

    ·      Meeting minutes including approval of the Club Constitution and Budget.

    ·      Attendance sheet including names, grade levels, ID numbers, and signatures of a minimum of 10 current students at Encina Preparatory 6-12 and Encina Academy.

    ·      Signatures of club officers and certificated advisor must be included.

    ·      All forms must be originals.  It’s encouraged for all advisors to keep copies of the forms.


    When and where does paperwork need to be submitted?


    ·      All paperwork must be submitted to Mrs. Sato’s box in the Staff Room or delivered by an adult during non-instructional periods (3, 4, or 6) to R-2 or the Student Activities office located behind the Grit Spot.  Do NOT give it to students to turn in.

    ·      Please do not come into R-2 during 0, 1, 2, or 5th period.  Those are classes and should not be interrupted for questions.

    ·      Paperwork needs to be submitted by the beginning of 3rd period on Fridays for the upcoming Tuesday meeting.

    ·      Activity requests must be turned in a minimum of 15 school days to be considered for approval.

    ·      All financial requests must be turned in a minimum 10 school days to be considered for approval.

    ·      Paperwork that is incomplete or incorrect will be returned and may not meet the minimum time frames if corrections are not made immediately.

    ·      At any time, if you have questions, please email Mrs. Sato to set up a time to meet to get your questions resolved.  Email is the best way to get your questions answered.



    Club Meeting & Activity Expectations


    • Turn in a copy of the club’s constitution and make sure that the club is chartered by the ASB.
    • Petition to charter a club requires a new Constitution and Budget for each school year.  Copies are available inside R-2 near the door, next to the copy machine in the Staff Room or on the Encina High School website under the Student Activities tab.
    •  Advisors must supervise and attend EVERY meeting or activity planned on campus; and any formally recognized club or council activities held OFF campus. In the event that the certificated advisor cannot be present, it is the responsibility of the advisor to find an administrator or another certificated or classified employee to supervise the event.  Parent volunteers cannot be held responsible in lieu of a certificated advisor.  They are encouraged to help and volunteer, but there must be a representative present from the school.  If there is not, the event MUST be cancelled.
    • Copies of weekly meeting minutes regardless if any requests are being turned in.  They can be turned into Mrs. Sato’s box in the Staff Room.  Do NOT give to students to turn in.  This verifies that regular meetings are taking place.  Attendance sheets should accompany the meeting minutes.
    • Meeting minutes must always accompany any activity or financial requests.
    • Certificated advisors must be present for all financial expenditure decisions.  This is a MUST even if you have a co-advisor that is a classified employee.
    • Assist students in making their own decisions. Help students to clarify their goals, to work through their problems, to plan activities and to continually evaluate their efforts.
    • Supervise nomination and appointment of officers and members and be sure that the process follows the club’s constitution; Class officer elections will be held in accordance with the school wide ASB election in the spring and the Middle Grades election in September.



    How to plan an activity, fundraiser, or request for donations for your club?


    • Certificated advisors must be aware of all events and actions being planned.
      • All activity requests must be turned in a minimum of 3 weeks or 15 school day in advance.  Requests must be complete with signatures, meeting minutes, and attendance sheets to be considered.
      • By Friday:  Have your club meeting.  Approve the event.  Fill out the Activity and Fundraiser request.  You must have at least 2/3 quorum of your attendance as listed on your Constitution. Attach an attendance sheet with names, grades, signatures, and student ID numbers or a minimum of 10 students.
      • Friday:  All paperwork is reviewed by ASB Director and ASB Officers.  If anything is missing or incorrect, the certificated advisor will be notified and paperwork returned to their box.  In the case of coaches, the certificated advisor is going to be the main contact.  It is going to need to be crucial that the lines of communication are open between the certificated advisor, Athletic Director, and coaches so you know the status of your paperwork.
      • Tuesday:  Student Council will review the request for the activity.  Once approved or denied, it will be given to the Vice Principal in charge of Student Activities.  Then she will sign and return to ASB Director.
      • Wednesday:  ASB Director will submit all requests to the district for approval.
      • Once approval is given, the Club Advisor will be notified that it has been approved or denied.  A signed digital copy will be sent to you via email.  Keep in mind that district approval is a new step this year and that this is why we are asking for requests 15 days in advance.
    • Be sure that the Vice Principal in charge of Student Activities and the Student Activities Director sign all contracts with outside companies.
    • Be sure that all events planned are chaperoned. Evening activities and dances will be limited due to supervision and facilities space.  NIDS will be assigned to all events planned at the calendar party.  Other events will require the class, club, or sport to find their own chaperones.
    •  All on campus events must be approved by ASB. For events using on campus facilities, the certificated advisor must complete both the Student Body paperwork as well as facility use paperwork with SJUSD.  Facility paperwork will not be accepted without the approval of ASB if any funds are being raised.


    What happens if my club is hosting a fundraiser including soliciting donations without having their activity approved in advanced?


    § All fundraisers including the solicitation of donations must have an activity request in.  Activity requests are a reference for ASB, the ASB Director, Controller, and Administration to know what clubs are raising/soliciting money on behalf of ASB.

    § Consequences:

    o   1st:  Will be a written warning to the certificated advisor.  The fundraiser must conclude immediately if asked to do so by the ASB Director or Vice Principal.

    o   2nd:  If your club is caught not following this policy, there will be an automatic 10% of funds raised taken and put toward future activities as a fine for the club.  Bottom line, please make sure you have your fundraisers or activities approved in advanced.  ASB does not want to have to police events.  Your club will also not be allowed to put in any requests for 2 weeks.

    o   3rd:  See above and your club will not be allowed any requests for a month.

    o   4th:  See above and your club will lose privileges for the remainder of the semester.

    o   5th:  See above and your club will lose privileges for the remainder of the school year.


Last Modified on August 4, 2016