• ASB Financial Procedures


    What does the club need to do if they want to spend any of their budget? 

    • ANY AND ALL purchases of any kind must have written prior approval.
    • This includes any type of services such as lining fields, medics, DJ’s, etc.
    • Anything that your club expects to pay for must have prior approval.
    • If it is a service you must also have a service agreement too.
    • Nothing should come to ASB as a check request.  It should always be a Purchase Requisition which essentially is saying that the club has the funds available and now has permission to spend the funds.


    What does the club need to do in order to get prior approval to spend funds? 

    • Obtain a SJUSD Purchase Requisition from the intranet or copies are available via the website or paper copies are available inside G-3, Staff Room, Staff Resources, or Encina
    • The form must have all vendor information completed.
    • Purchase orders can be made out to a business or the certificated advisor.  No other adults are authorized to make purchases on the clubs behalf.
    • In order to complete a PR, you must have all of the information on the top completed.  When you get to the vendor, it will either have the vendor’s name, address, phone or it will have the name of the certificated advisor.  Certificated advisors can give address/phone information directly to the Controller so students don't have access to their personal information.  Those are the only two types of PR’s that Student Government will accept.
    • DO NOT have the PR signed by the Principal or Vice Principal before submitting it to the Student Council. 
    • A copy of the meeting minutes and attendance for that meeting must accompany all PR’s.
    • Your PR can be written one of two ways:
    • 1)         Blanket PO:  The blanket PO allows the club to set an amount that the certificated advisor or company is not to exceed.  A blanket PO allows a person to go and purchase items on behalf of the club at more than one place as long as it doesn’t exceed the amount asked for.  For example:  Homecoming is around the corner and the Class of 2021 need items to complete their banner for the parade.  They could write a PR request for their certificated advisor not to exceed $50.  This would allow the advisor to go to multiple stores to purchase the variety of items so long as they don’t exceed the $50.  However, if an item isn’t available, they aren’t limited to that item, they can substitute it with something else.
    • 2)         PO:  A PR can be written to a company that accepted PO’s.  You can itemize out your requests. You are limited to purchase what you have listed on your PR.


    Purchasing Timeline 

    • Friday:  All PR’s must be turned in by 10:00am on Friday to Ms. Reich's box just like the Activity Requests. 
    • Monday: All PR’s will be reviewed on Monday.  Any corrections will be returned to the certificated advisor’s box.
    • Tuesday: Student Council will approve/deny all PR requests.  After Student Council approves them, Ms. Hashisaka will go to the Student Activities Vice Principal for approval.
    • Wednesday: All paperwork will be submitted to the Controller.  She will put the copy of the approved PO in the certificated advisor’s box.  No money is allowed to be spent until you receive that copy.  In the event that you do go out and spend before you receive the copy of the PO, you are subject to not being reimbursed for your purchases.
    • All requests must be in at a minimum of 10 school days in advance with a copy of meeting minutes reflecting the request.
    • Frequent vendors have also been instructed not to accept any orders from our clubs without a PO number.  If you are using Booster money, you must indicate that to them.


    What happens if my club doesn’t have prior approval and we go and spend money? 

    • In the event that there is NO PO in place before you went to purchase the items, ASB does not have to process a reimbursement for policies not followed.
    • All advisors are given one warning. At that warning, it will be up to the advisor to complete the paperwork and rationale for why policies weren’t followed.  It will be given to the Vice Principal in charge and they will sign it to attach to the audit exception.
    • There will be no second warning. The second time funds will not reimbursed.


    Booster Club vs. Student Body Funds 

    • All deposits must go through your Student Body club account. This includes donations.
    • Booster Club is not a clearinghouse for funds.
    • If your club receives a budget from the Booster Club or you apply and are allotted funds from a Wish List, this money is separate from your Student Body account.
    • The Booster Club has a different process for reimbursement than Student Body funds. With Booster Club, you can purchase your approved items within your allotted budget and then be reimbursed upon proof of a receipt.  Student Body must have prior approval and go through the Purchase Requisition process.


    How does a certificated advisor get reimbursed? 

    • Once you have your PO from the Controller, you may go and purchase your items.
    • After you have purchased your items, you need to submit original receipts with signatures. The receipts must have the business name and information on it. It must also be itemized.  If you pay with a credit card, it must have the last 4 digits of the card or you will have to provide a copy of your statement with the purchase.
    • Each receipt must be signed.
    • Staple your original receipts to the PO you received. Turn them into the Controller in the Finance Office.
    • Upon receipt, she will issue you a check the next Thursday. The quicker you get your receipts in, the quicker you get reimbursed.
    • Keep in mind that you cannot comingle any of your personal purchases with your purchase on behalf of your club.


    Deposit Procedures 

    • All deposits must be deposited within one week of the fundraiser.
    • If it is an on-going fundraiser, monies should be deposited at a minimum of once a week. 
    • It is the responsibility of the advisor to secure monies.  Money can always be secured in the Finance Office if arrangements are made with the Controller.  It is not the responsibility of the school if money is stolen.
    • All deposits must have a completed deposit form with student and certificated advisor signatures.
    • All deposits in which $9.99 or less were charged individually must have a tally sheet to accompany the deposit form.
    • All deposits in which $10 or more was charged individually must have receipts to accompany the deposit form.  You can check out a receipt book from our Controller in the Finance Office.
    • Deposits must be made to the Finance Office between 7:30am until 3:30pm.
    • All financial decisions must be made by the students and said decisions must be recorded in the official minutes from a formal meeting. 
    • Clear all fundraising through the ASB Director. Clubs including classes and sports must fill out an activity request for any and ALL fundraisers. 
    • The purpose of all fundraisers must be made clear up front to all possible donors or participants. 
Last Modified on August 14, 2021