• Advertising and Publicity


    ·      All announcements go through Mrs. Sato.  They must be submitted via Google docs by the Thursday prior to the Monday you want it heard. This is the only way that announcements will be accepted.  No announcements will be taken sent by email, leaving a note, or sending a message through a student.  The exception to this rule is scores from a previous nights game or any congratulatory messages from that game.

    ·      The link is a public link and can be accessed with the following address or it is on the Encina website.  The link is http://goo.gl/forms/j0j7JG0KLQ

    ·      All posters and flyers must also be approved prior to hanging them up.  Please put a paper copy in Mrs. Sato’s box at least 5 days in advance for approval.  It will be returned signed for duplication in the certificated advisor’s box.  After that copies can be made.  We have been asked by our custodial staff to use only masking tape to hang things.  Tape, paper, and paint will not be provided by ASB.

    ·      Supervise publicity and ensure that all publicity is approved by the ASB Director prior to posting; club or council posters will lose their publicity rights if they attach publicity to painted surfaces. 

Last Modified on August 4, 2016