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    Andrew Carnegie Middle School students can choose between the Exploration Wheel, Art, or Advanced Art.


    The Exploration Wheel gives students an opportunity to take four different electives throughout the year, each a quarter long. Art is included in the Wheel choice. Students in Exploration Art learn about the Elements of Art while exploring different mediums and art styles. Students will create a portfolio of work including a final project representing their knowledge of art terms. If you would like art for the whole year, please look into Art or Advanced Art.


    Art is a year-long class open to all students. If your student has any basic experience in art or find that art is an interest, this is a great class to take. This class gives students the opportunity to review the Elements of Art, Principles of Design, and explore using different art mediums and art styles. Students are encouraged to participate in art contests and shows throughout the year as their art skills improve.


    Advanced Art is for students with years of experience in art. This accelerated course is for students who are independent learners and already know the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students will have an opportunity to explore new mediums such as clay as well as learn about art in the community and in specific cultures. Advanced students will take a trip to the Crocker Art Museum to explore famous artists from around the world. Students will also have an opportunity to show their work throughout the year in art shows or around the school. This course is a full year course. Students must apply and be accepted into Advanced Art. Applications and recommendations will be taken each Spring for the following year.


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Last Modified on May 27, 2022