• SALC stands for "Student-Athlete Leadership Council."  The members consist of 16 of our student-athlete leaders that were nominated by their coach.  Each head coach nominated one leader to represent their program.  Many of the athletes are able to represent more then one sport since many of them are multi-sport athletes.  

    The main mission of SALC is to provide student-athletes an avenue to enhance their leadership skills both on and off the field.  To provide students opportunities to have their voice heard and practice their skills, we have chosen the following areas to focus on throughout this school year.  

    1.  School Spirit    2.  Staff Appreciation    3.  Community Service    4.  Athletic-Code of Conduct

    Each of the focus areas has a committee of four students that is developing an action plan of what they would like to do during the year.  For example;

                            The "school spirit" committee will do things such as hosting activities at lunch to get students involved, encouraging the wearing of school colors on Fridays, in-season team adoption (ex. cross country has adopted football, thus will do things for the football team to support & cheer them on), establishing athlete of the week for each sport, and random distribution of "good-citizen" goody bags during lunch.

                            The "staff appreciation" committee will be doing things such as distributing "goody" bags to staff on duty at games, staff-appreciation breakfasts, and random acts of kindness.

                            The "community service" committee will be deciding on three large community projects, one to be completed each season.   At the 1st event, all fall sport teams will be encouraged to participate.  At the 2nd event, all winter sports will be encouraged to participate, and at the 3rd event, all spring sports will be encouraged to participate.  

                            The "athletic-code of conduct" committee is working on ideas they can address with administration and coaches that will help all our athletic teams be more uniform on certain issues.

    Football Justin Sidener 11 Mark McGee 12 John Hilton
    Football Eli Vasquez-Genera 12 Nick Hall 12  
    Cross Country Dillon Schneider 12 Taila Mckelvy 10 Nichole Guccini
    Volleyball - Girls Briana Williams 12 Silvia Ramirez 12 Bob O'Brien
    Basketball - Boys Ruvim Vakulchik 12 Thomas Morehead 10 Pat Pavelchik
    Basketball - Girls Destiny Sgheiza 11     Mark Toscano
    Wrestling Aaron Galben 12 Taylynn Cook 12 Renee Sanchez
    Futbol - Boys Juan Lica Paramo 12 Noah Sapien 11 Trevor Harris
    Futbol - Girls Silvia Ramirez 12 Dazja Deed 12 Brad Ward
    Baseball Dermot Nye 12 Jacob Running 11 Travis Miller
    Softball Stacey Hernandez 12 Destiny Sgheiza 12 Charrlee Ramey Davis
    Tennis Emily Lieu 12 Simran Chauhan 12 Bob O'Brien
    Track & Field Ruvim Gavrilchik 12     Mark Golston
    Golf Matt Cordova 10 Jace Cox   Jeff McDaniel
    Volleyball - Boys Mark McGee 12 Chris Medrano    
Last Modified on September 5, 2016