• Vermiponics is an organic growing method that combines worm tea (or 'worm juice') with hydroponic growing techniques. After kitchen waste or other organic waste is composted by worms into vermicompost (or worm castings). Vermiponics uses the worm castings to create a nutrient solution which is then pumped into a hydroponic system. By harnessing worm composting, vermiponics can provide nutrients to plants in a way that is more sustainable than aquaponics or hydroponics. 
    Whether it's aquaponic lettuce or hydroponic tomatoes, growers use these techniques because they are water-efficient and in many cases are more sustainable than growing in soil, this is because soil-based growing requires a lot of fertilizer (some of which becomes agricultural run-off which can pollute nearby waterways). All you need to know about hydroponics is that instead of growing in soil, the plant simply takes up the nutrients from the nutrient solution that the roots are suspended in. 
Last Modified on September 19, 2016