• Hello everyone!
    My name is Sophia Del Core and I am a senior in CIVITAS. Thank you for visiting my page to vote!
    Here is my CIVITAS story :
       To be totally honest, freshman year was rough. I went to Winston Churchill Middle School, so most of my friends went to Mira Loma. I'm 100% sure the only reason I didn't transfer was CIVITAS. From meeting with Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of Washington D.C. School District and wife to former Mayor Kevin Johnson, for my Intro to Political Science midterm on education to being Mini Me for the Pancake Breakfast, I threw myself 100% into this program.
       During my sophomore year, I proudly stood for country of Japan for the Model United Nations part of International Relations, did a persuasive speech as to why the two 13 year old girls who stabbed their friend for Slenderman should be tried as adults, and finished up my community service hours.
       Junior year I hosted the International Dinner and interned for Hellan Dowden and Associates downtown. This internship focused on legislation for homeless and foster youth, which inspired me to do something kind of crazy.
       I decided I wanted to help people, and really focus on education, so I went to Africa. Last summer, I spent two and a half weeks in Himo, Tanzania at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. I was in charge of 97 six and seven year olds (Yes, I said 97). I worked with them on prepositions, counting to 100, and other basic phrases. Capping my community service hours at over 150, this trip inspired my senior project, because what I noticed while I was there was that as the students got older and older there were less and less girls in the classrooms. Girls are pulled out to take care of younger siblings, animals, the house, and in many cases, married off to start a family.
       I believe everyone has a right to receive a basic education and gender and race should not define if one has this opportunity.  I started a GirlUp club on campus. GirlUp is an organization within the United Nations that raises money for girls in Guatemala, Liberia, India, Uganda, Malawi, and Ethiopia. From baking 100 cupcakes from scratch to organizing a movie night to show the movie Girl Rising, a film about girls overcoming the gender barrier in developing countries, I have raised over $1,700 for the girls who need it the most. My goal is to reach $2,000 by International Women's Day in March. I have passed the club on to Alexa Nelson, so that she may continue helping this important cause. I hope each and every one of you will join this club next year and support Alexa and these girls!!
       My Senior Project documentary is the YouTube link below, so please check it out!!
       I hope the biographies Max and I have written help you to make your decision!
    Have a great day!! :-)  
Last Modified on January 31, 2017