• San Juan Unified School District Dress Code

         The dress code is established to promote a positive, psychologically safe, and appropriate learning environment.  Extremes in dress or clothing regarded as disruptive or a distraction from the learning environment is not permitted.  (The district-wide high school dress code applies to all schools.)


        Prohibited Clothing/Accessories

    1. Clothing or accessories with pictures or messages that promote or symbolize the use of drugs, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco.

    2. Clothing that has messages that are sexually suggestive or promote violence.

    3. Clothing or accessories considered by school officials or law enforcement to denote gang affiliation, cult affiliation, satanic reference, or any profane or racially offensive item.

    4. Pajamas or sleepwear.

     Specific Clothing Restrictions

    1. Shoes must be worn at all times; house slippers may not be worn.

    2. Undergarments may not be exposed.

    3. The torso must be covered; bare midriffs, backs, or cleavage must not be exposed. Tops & pants, skirts or shorts should remain in contact while engaging in normal school activities.

    4. Strapless or spaghetti strap tops, muscle shirts, tank tops*, tube tops, or any excessively revealing clothing is not permitted; this includes backless tops and see-through clothing. (*Tank tops are defined, for the purpose of this dress code, as sleeveless tops with straps, measuring less than 2 inches at the narrowest point. This also applies to sun dresses and other similar garments.)

    5. Skirts must be of moderate length (no micro-mini skirts allowed); shorts and cut-offs must have a 3-inch in-seam; swim suits and running shorts are not permitted.

    6. Sagging or the appearance of sagging is not permitted. Belts may not hang down from the waist.

     Specific Accessory Restrictions

    1. Bandanas of any color, hairnets, headbands, and wave caps are prohibited.

    2. Chains and spiked jewelry of any type are prohibited.

    3.  Hats are not to be worn indoors.

Last Modified on August 26, 2019