• CLUB DAYS will be held in the Quad September 12 & 13, 2019 during lunch.  This is a great time to visit with club representatives and learn what they are all about. 


    Mira Loma's clubs, advisors and meeting days/times are listed below. Feel free to join at any time or talk to an advisor if you have questions. If you have general club questions, contact Student Activities Director Mr. Posner.

     Club Advisor  Meetings  President
    A Thousand Smiles  
    Meets in D5 every first and third Thursday during lunch. 
    B Sharps
    Current and incoming ML students, Do you play an instrument?  Do you want to develop better stage presence and gain performance experience?  Is your passion music appreciation or tech?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, B Sharps could be the club for you! Check us out.
    Mr. Bender Meets in C4 on Thursdays during lunch.  
    Ceramics Club  Mrs. Chavez    Diego Veronica 
    Chess Club Mr. Muratore  Meets in B5 on Tuesdays after school 3:00-5:00 pm.  
    Chinese Club & Chinese Honor Society  Ms. Yang  Meets in A216 on Thursdays during lunch.   
    Cognitive Exchange  Mrs. Hull Meets in A205 on Mondays during lunch.   
    Comedy Improv Club  Ms. Weil  Meets in F2 on Wednesdays during lunch.   
    Crafty Cats  Ms. Char  Meets in E8 on Wednesdays during lunch.   
    Desi Plus Club  Mrs. Hull  Meets in A205 every other Thursday during lunch.   
    Find It in Your Heart
    A community service club that plans and implements activities for students with special needs.
    Ms. Bender   Meets in C4 every other Wednesday during lunch.  
    FRC Robotics Club 
    Meets in D5 every other Friday during lunch.   
    Free the Children  Mr. Thayer  Meets in A210 on Tuesdays during lunch.   
    French Club  Mr. Negretot  Meets in A215 every Monday during lunch.   
    Future Business Leaders of America  Mrs. Yang     
    Gay Straight Alliance    Meets in B1 on Tuesdays during lunch.   
    This organization aims to fulfill the mission of the parent organization Hands4Hope -- to inspire youth to take an active part in improving the community around them.  This organization will have as its purpose to inspire members to create programs to serve our community in areas of need, such as those at the homeless shelters, abuse shelters, retirement homes and food banks.  
    Ms. Reinheimer  Meets in A111 on Fridays during lunch.   
    History Bowl/History Bee 
    Meets in B8.
    Irish Culture Club  Ms. Char  Meets in E8 on the first Wednesday of every month during lunch.   
    Jade Ribbon Club  Ms. Yang  Meets in A216 every other Wednesday during lunch.   
    Japanese Club
    This club has presentations on various aspects of Japanese culture, plays Japanese games such as Kendama, does origami, and occasionally watches anime. 
    Ms. Kumagai Meets in A214 on Thursdays during lunch.   
    Journalism Club Mr. Carmona  Meets in A105 on Fridays during lunch.   
    Just for the Health of It  Ms. Knego  Meets in D1 every other Wednesday during lunch.   
    Kaibigan Club  Mr. Bach  Meets in D4 every other Thursday during lunch.   
    Key Club    Meets in F3 on Mondays during lunch.   
    Korean Club  Mr. Thompson  Meets in B2 on Wednesdays during lunch.   
    Kurt's Army Mira Loma  Mrs. Thayer  Meets in A206 on Mondays during lunch.   
    Latinos Unidos  Mrs. Sanders  Meets in A219 on Tuesdays during lunch.   
    Matadors Against Cancer  Mr. Thayer  Meets in A208 on Fridays during lunch.   
    Matadors Against Today's Slavery  Ms. Bergen  Meets in A210 every other Wednesday.   
    Math Club/Competition  Mr. Thayer  Meets in A207 on Friday's  after school 3:00-4:00 pm.   
    Mira Loma Campus Cursive  Mrs. Volzer  Meets in A106 every other Monday during lunch.  
    Mira Loma Saint Johns Alliance  Mr. Hull  Meets in A204 on Tuesdays during lunch.   
    Mira Loma Society for Youth Scientific Research  Mr. Karagianes  Meets in E4 the first Monday of every month.   
    Mira Loma Student Society for Stem Cell Research Ms. Kelly  Meets in E3 on Fridays during lunch.  
    Mira Loma Ultimate Frisbee Club  Mr. Thayer  Meets in A207 on Thursdays and after school.   
    Mira Loma Young Democrats  Mr. Carson  Meets in D6 every Tuesday during lunch.   
    Mira Loma Young Republicans  Mrs. Hull  Meets in A205 every other Tuesday during lunch.   
    ML HOSA 
    The purpose of this club is to encourage students to enter the health care field through competitive events at regional, state and national levels. 
    Mr. Carson  Meetings in D1 on Tuesdays during lunch.   
    Model United Nations Mr. Kuzmich  Meets in B8 every Wednesday during lunch.   
    Muffin Tops
    A CAS hours-based club in which desserts are baked and served to the food bank at St. Philomene's on Tuesdays.  Students can receive "action" hours for baking a wide variety of desserts/pastries.  Hours are based on time spent cooking.  Students bring based good into E9 and log in their contribution on Tuesday every week.  In addition, students can get "action" hours for helping transport the baked good to St. Philomene's, setting up and serving at the food bank.  Coordinators there verify the hours and that paperwork is submitted the club advisor/sponsor.  Students can choose to either bake OR serve....OR BOTH. 
    Muslim Student Association 
    The purpose of this club is to give others a better understanding of the Muslim faith, for club members to support each other in their faith, to pray (when noon prayers are in the same cycle as Mira Loma's lunch period) and to perform community service. 
    Mr. DeRuysscher  Meets in A109 every other Friday.   
    National Arts Honors Society 
    This is an artistic academic club, which recognizes the artistic achievements of juniors and seniors.  Students who are members for their junior and senior year and meet all requirements receive NAHS color cords to wear at graduation. After school activities/events are planned periodically.  The goal of this club is to increase awareness of the visual art around campus and within the community.  Freshmen and Sophomores can join as "Art Club" members and participate in all events; however, they must be in JAHS for their junior and senior years to get graduation cords. 
    National Honors Society/California Scholarship Federation    Meets in D5 every other Tuesday during lunch.   
    Pink Ladies 
    Mira Loma Pink Ladies focuses on helping women in the community in many different aspects of their lives.  Club members volunteer/donate to women's shelters, donate prom dresses, accessories and shoes to the prom dress drive and donate/volunteer/run/walk at the Making Strikes Against Breast Cancer event. 
    Ms. Reinheimer  Meets in A111 every other Monday during lunch.   
    Mira Loma's literary magazine.  
    Mr. Carmona  Meets in A105 on Mondays during lunch.   
    Programming Club  Mr. Hull  Meets in A204 on Fridays after school at 3:00 pm.   
    Pursuit of Excellence in Science Club  Mr. Hill  Meets in D3 the last Friday of every month.   
    Recycling/Environmental Club  Mrs. Kelly  Meets in E3 every other Tuesday during lunch.   
    Red Cross Club  Mr. Thayer  Meets in A207 on Tuesdays during lunch.   
    Rhythm of Change  Mr. Carson  Meets in D6 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   
    Roots and Shoots  Mr. Carson  Meets in D6 on Thursdays during lunch.   
    Spanish Honor Society  Ms. Sanders  Meets in A219 on Thursdays during lunch.   
    Stock Investment Club  Mr. Posner  Meets in C6 every other Tuesday during lunch.   
    The Capturers 
    This club discusses photography, engages students within the format of photography, reviews photos and encourages students within the field of photography, developing and processing. 
    The Matadors Sound  Mr. Carmona  Meets in A105 Every other Friday during lunch.   
    United Geeks    Meets in D5 on Thursdays during lunch.   
    Vegetarian/Vegan Club 
    This is a club dedicated to helping students who have an interest in vegetarianism or veganism to change their diet.  The club spreads the word about the nutritional benefits, animal rights issues and the ecological advantages of vegetarianism/veganism.  We share delicious vegan/vegetarian food with each other, fundraise for Animal Shelters and have vegan/vegetarian food drives for the less fortunate.  All are welcome to join us! 
    Mr. Kuzmich  Meets in B8 on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.   
    VEX Robotics Club 
    This club works on learning about creating and programming robots. 
      Meets in A212 on Wednesdays after school.   
    Vietnamese Culture Club  Mr. Bach  Meets in D4 every other Tuesday during lunch.   
    Youth for Christ
    Building Christian faith, encouraging students to be an example to others and to serve others. 
    Mr. Petrik  Meets in C7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch.   
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