• Welcome to the MLHS Student Clubs Page!

    We know that the temporary closure of schools has meant that students may find it more difficult to feel connected and social with peers. Despite Distance Learning MLHS does plan on having many or most clubs active throughout the year. After the start of school, MLHS Student Government will announce a virtual edition of "Club Rush" where Clubs can advertise their existence and share members can connect until school opens in a more traditional format.


    Mira Loma's clubs, advisors and meeting days/times are listed below. Feel free to join at any time or talk to an advisor if you have questions. If you have general club questions, contact Student Activities Director Mr. Posner.




    Academic Decathlon

    AcaDeca is a high school team competition centered around the annual theme (example: The Cold War). Competitors take 7 subject tests, 1 interview, 1 speech event, and 1 essay. If you enjoy rigorous academic competition through participation in team activities, then AcaDeca could be the club for you!


    Solstice is a KPop and studio dance group aiming to teach each other choreographies and help members improve their dancing skill. No experience required to join! 

    Key Club

    As one of the largest community service clubs on campus, Key Club is part of an international service organization. Members are offered several volunteer opportunities each week! 


    Taiko is a club centered around the teaching and performing of Japanese drums. We are a very welcoming group and look forward to teaching our members the diverse instruments and a little about Japanese culture.

    Muslim Student Association

    Mira Loma MSA aims to include everyone in our discussion of different aspects of Islam. During our gatherings, we have prayer, kahoots, and food. Join our meetings on Fridays at lunch to find out more!

    Spanish Honors Society

    Spanish National Honor Society is an academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence in secondary education and promotes a continuity of interest in Spanish studies. Members are encouraged to hold Spanish tutoring sessions for other students who need some extra help. We also conduct Dia de los Muertos celebrations at the end of October, where we sell food, face paint and plan other fun activities. Joining our club is a great way to learn about and become involved in Hispanic culture. ¡Todos a una!

    Black Student Union

    Black Student Union is an organization dedicated to unifying, uplifting and empowering Black People on and off-campus. We are focused on the building of the black community, but membership is by no means limited to just the black community.

    Rocket Science Club

    Rocket Science Club is focused on understanding the history of rockets and space travel, as well as the physics behind them. Model rockets are also launched to strengthen that understanding!

    Dance Marathon

    Mira Loma Dance Marathon is dedicated to raising money and awareness for UC Davis Children's Hospital through a variety of fundraisers. For example, this club hosts an annual event on campus where participants compete in and/or watch dance battles!

    Vietnamese Culture Club

    Enjoy Vietnamese food and projects and learn about Vietnamese culture. 


    Prisms is Mira Loma's award-winning annual literary magazine which features poetry, art, prose, and photography. Help create and compile one of California's oldest student-run high school publications. 

    Stock Market Club

    The Stock Market Cub aims to educate students on the benefits of learning about and investing in the stock market. Throughout the year, officers educate club members through discussions on how the stock market works and different ways students can invest as well as provide exclusive opportunities and plans for club members to invest and evaluate stocks.

    K-Pop Club

    Enjoy KPop-related activities such as random dance game, guessing Kpop songs, etc. We also teach some Korean using Kpop song lyrics, and we sometimes perform at school rallies and even at events outside of our school campus!

    ML Thirst Project

    Collects money to help provide clean water for places that cannot get it

    Mira Loma Today

    An online newspaper to stay up-to-date on things happening around campus. 

    Japanese Culture Club

    Japanese culture club is a club that introduces its members to many wonderful aspects of Japanese culture through presentations, videos, hands-on experiences, and more.


    TechCreate is a club that brings together individuals who have an interest in technology. There are lessons and workshops on how to get an internship while in high school. Members have also competed in many competitions and earned over $10,000!

    Drama Club

    A club focused on workshopping theater skills and meeting people with similar interests. Drama Club manages the school play(s) and holds meetings every Wednesday with updates on local auditions, shows, and other theater opportunities.


    Kicks4Keeps is a youth-led nonprofit organization working to eradicate child poverty both locally and globally. By providing resources and advocating for low-income youth as well as donating shoes to children in impoverished communities, Kicks4Keeps is actively working to combat youth homelessness.

    Mental Health Awareness

    You don't have to struggle in silence. Mental Health Awareness Club is dedicated to giving teens a platform to share their voices and raise awareness around mental health. We want to provide resources & assistance to normalize the discussion and lower the stigma of mental health.


    Mira Loma's school band!

    National Art Honors Society

    A program that aims to inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability and interest in art. Some fun activities members can participate in are: making rally crowns, art workshops, art projects for nonprofits, scholarship opportunities, and much more! Community service hours available.

    National Honors Society

    The Mira Loma National Honors Society is a club that organizes blood drives for the school, and is the club related to the NHS. If you are a member for four years, at graduation you can receive a cord, so join for exclusive membership! (In order to qualify for membership you need at least a 3.5 GPA)


    Health Occupation Students of America is a great club for anyone who is interested in the medical field. You'll learn about career opportunities in the health care industry, participate in field trips and workshops. Joining HOSA is a great way to get ahead and learn about what you can do in the medical field!

    Red Cross

    An extension of the American Red Cross Association. In this club, students become involved in community service activities that not only earn you community service hours, but also help to raise awareness about our cause and raise money to fund our bigger projects, such as the First Aid Project. Meetings are held every Tuesday during lunch. We hope to see you there!

    Jade Ribbon

    Did you know that there is a disease 10 times more prevalent than HIV, disproportionately affecting 1 in 10 Asians? That disease is Hepatitis B, a little known but fatal ailment. Jade Ribbon, sponsored by the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, is dedicated to spreading awareness on how to prevent and treat this silent illness.

    Team Celebrate

    There are 400,000 foster kids in the US and most of them have never celebrated a birthday. Team Celebrate creates an opportunity for young philanthropists to change the world, one foster kid's birthday at a time. We celebrate youth empowerment, volunteerism, and leadership. Join this club to make a difference in your community, by taking the first step of making a birthday box!


    Eunoia’s purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to underprivileged teenagers in local communities across the US and to also assist other teenagers in making a difference by benefiting local community and charitable needs through means that include volunteering and other acts of service. This club was created in effort to establish an organization that is a helping hand to teens in the local Sacramento community. 

    Kurts Army

    A community service club formed in memory of Kurt Lee, a former ML student who passed away due to leukemia.

    St. John's Alliance


    Youth Action Club

    Community service club mainly for students based in the Natomas area. This club was made by students who are also part of Angelique Ashby's Youth Action Club, that puts on activities/does community service for Natomas (movie nights in the park, Santa in Natomas with the Fire Department, park beautification, etc)


    A club dedicated to having fun and being yourself, by learning dance moves as a team and building strong bonds with others. Blackout often performs in front of the school in rallies!

    Ocean Bowl

    Ocean Bowl is an academic team focused on all fields of marine science, including biology, technology, geology, and more. In this club, we learn, have fun, and work together as we prepare for the regional competition, the Sea Lion Bowl.

    Matador's Against Today's Slavery

    A club dedicated to spreading awareness about modern-day slavery and human trafficking. 

    French Club

    Explore the French language and culture in bi-monthly meetings. This club also hosts the toy drive.

    Volleyball Club

    Learn how to play volleyball! During meetings, 3 courts are available based on different skill levels. All skill levels welcome. We also hold fundraisers to support the school volleyball team.

    Strings For Starr King

    Strings for Starr King teaches music theory and piano to students at Starr King (grades 1-8), and hold a mini recital at the end of the year, and is a great opportunity for community service hours.

    Forces of Nature

    Forces of Nature works to educate peers about our environment and ecological issues, as well as enact local change. In addition to the learning aspect, MLFON provides community service/CAS hours through events as river cleanups.

    Recycling Club

    Helps the school by reducing waste, cleaning up the campus, and maintaining the school-wide recycling system


    Symposium is a club where you can take part in discussions with multiple speakers sharing viewpoints on a specific topic or issue that is determined beforehand. We gather periodically to discuss contemporary issues in the structure of a symposium. If you'd like to voice your opinion, join us!

    Comedy Improv Club

    A club where you can work on your improv skills! We meet every Monday and play a variety of different improv-based games.

    Latinos Unidos



    A club dedicated on giving back to the community and thinking locally as well, giving members an opportunity to complete community service hours, including various fun events and opportunities such as fundraisers and being able to meet new people and much more! 

    Fit For a Cause

    Get Fit for a Cause raises awareness and money to help support and strengthen those affected by diseases through fundraising, volunteering, participation in walk-a-thons, and public awareness. We target high school students who want to make a difference in the world, get educated about healthcare, and be fit through student-run clubs at local high schools.

    Nishkam Seva


    Pan CAN

    Pan Can is a club that spreads awareness of pancreatic cancers and help do fundraisers to raise money for research along with helping the pancreatic cancer association with their biggest fundraiser, which is the purple stride, a 5K. 

    Coding Club

    The Coding Club is an after-school coding club designed to allow all students who can not fit MLHS’s Computer Science courses into their schedule. Students who have no background are invited to come! 


    A survey of low-income women in a large U.S. city finds that nearly two-thirds couldn't afford menstrual hygiene products such as tampons or pads during the previous year. The Build-A-Bra Club holds

    Philippine Culture & Society Awareness

    Learn about Filipino culture and take part in fun Filipino-inspired activities. Dedicated to learning more about the cause of poverty in the Philippines and finding ways to support underprivileged people there.

    Ceramics Club


    Mira Loma Activists

    Mira Loma Activists is formed with the specific purpose of addressing sexual education on campus, by working with the IBPO and administrators, this club helps come up with ideas to promote sexual health on campus since a large population of students do not have access to the state-mandated health course requirements. This club also raises awareness for other issues such as school shootings and walkouts.

    Mira Loma Mathematics Organization

    Learn about competition math and brush up on any topics that you do not understand in class. Also, join us for math competitions!

    Pride Club

    LGBTQ+ community members and allies working together to support and educate ML on queer topics, have a fun and space to gather and enjoy a positive place together. 

    Bioformatics & Biomedical Engineering Society

    A club that teaches the basics of bioinformatics and types of problems and programming languages that are required. We also proctor the Toronto Biology Competition which is a prestigious biology exam with international awards.

    Adventure Club

    A club mostly for fun, the Adventure Club meets up and together chooses locations that might be fun and interesting to go and "adventure"! We try to go to these locations together, so join for the excitement and thrill.

    Chinese Culture Club

    Participate in fun activities and events and make your own crafts inspired by the vibrant Chinese culture. You can also take part in various kinds of Chinese performing arts (dragon dance, lion dance, fan dance, etc.)

    Feminist Club


    Collaboration Art

    Our club's purpose is to collaborate and connect with other people through creativity, no matter the skill level! We work together on different kinds of fun art-related activities, games, and long-term projects to form friendships and build a sense of community.

    Chess Club


    VEX Robotics

    VEX Robotics assigns a specific task each year, whereby your team must construct and program the robot to do that task in both an autonomous and remote control period. Each task is rewarded points and you will be in a 2 on 2 match to determine who wins the round, based on points. There are several regional tournaments you can sign up for to qualify to states as well as skill challenges you can compete in to directly qualify to the Worlds.

    Asian Culture Club


    Korean Culture Club

    Korean Culture Club is a club on the ML campus in which Korean culture can be fully expressed through games, food, and interactive presentations.


    A friendly dance community where you can express yourself through dance. We perform at rallies!

    Secret Society Of Sleuths


    Future Business Leaders of America

    The Mira Loma FBLA chapter participates in business-related competitive events at the local, state, and national levels. We also offer service activities that shape students into inspirational leaders for the school and the local community. Projects include Government Awareness Project, American Enterprise Project, online tutoring, and more. Visit the CA FBLA website for more information about competitions!

    Speech And Debate

    Students can improve public speaking, collaboration, and creative skills through competing in different formats. 

    Student With A Voice

    Students with a Voice (SWAV) is a club dedicated to making student-led change on campus by focusing on the issues students care about.

    Science Olympiad

    Compete Olympics-style in science events spanning chemistry, biology, physics, and more. In the past, Mira Loma has competed at the regional, state, and national levels. 

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