There are many after school activities from which the
    Del Paso Manor Mustangs can choose.


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    The Del Paso Manor Band

    Under the direction of Mrs. Price, the Del Paso Manor Band meets multiple times a week for an hour each session. DPM has a beginning band and an advanced band. Mrs. Price instructs on the following instruments: clarinets, saxophone, flute, trumpet and bells.

    The Del Paso Manor Choir
    The Del Paso Manor choir meets every week under the direction of our choir director, Mrs. Price. Our choir has always had strong performances at their shows during the school year. 
    Del Paso Manor Elementary’s Firefly Art Classes

    Firefly Art is an after school program held on Tuesdays. There are multiple sessions throughout the school year which consists of several weeks of instruction. Classes begin 10 minutes after school ends and last 60 minutes per class. Firefly art is a pay program, and the payment includes all art supplies that are needed. For more information, click here.


    Tuesday: 2:45-3:45pm

    Tuesday: 2:50pm-3:50pm

    Session C:  1/28,  2/4,  2/11,  2/25,  3/3,  3/10,  3/17,  3/24



    Del Paso Manor Elementary’s Early Engineers (LEGO) Classes

    Early Engineers is an after school program. Each week students are challenged to build something while surrounded by LEGOs, K'Nex and solar-powered motors. The students build, test and rebuild their projects in order to learn the skills of engineering. This hands-on activity is great fun, and engages students in spatial reasoning, learning structural integrity and practical geometry. This is a pay program and occurs multiple times during the school year on Thursdays. For more information, click here.


    Monday: 2:50pm-4:00pm

    Session C:  2/3,  2/10,  2/24,  3/2,  3/9,  3/23,  3/30



    Del Paso Manor Elementary’s Elementary’s Chess Academy Classes

    At Chess Academy, we don’t just play chess, we teach chess! Our comprehensive program offers multiple levels and all of our classes are led by an instructor with new lessons each week. A typical class consists of an extensive lecture following game-play, where students practice what they've learned that day. Chess is a wonderful educational opportunity to help build a child’s ability to focus and understand the art of strategy at an early age.


    Friday: 2:50pm-3:50pm

    Session C:  1/31,  2/7,  2/14,  2/28,  3/6,  3/13,  3/20,  3/27





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    Del Paso Manor Mustangs


Last Modified on January 21, 2020