As a full time State employee, working mother of three wonderful children (eldest at Rio) and someone who recognizes the value of education and the significance it has on the future of America, I want to help the school, the parents and the children with this partnership opportunity at Rio Americano High school.

    Brief Background:

    I have spent the past 20 years working with technology and legislative policies that impact the Healthcare programs for the State of California. I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in psychology, but most of my practice in that specialization is limited to my children for now.

    My daughter is a freshman at Rio and we have been thrilled that she is part of the Civitas program. Because of the enthusiasm and wide horizons, the program brings to the kid’s lives', I was motivated as well and got involved with most of the volunteer work and speeches she attends. I have also signed up to volunteer at the International Refugee Committee and the Opening Doors based on the event scheduled by the Civitas program. It is not only helping the children, but from my personal side, impacting the parents and families in a very positive manner.

    My volunteer work with my daughter also involved the most recent political campaign, by assisting with canvasing and community reach out activities. I also supported and assisted as the team mom for last year’s Science Olympiad at Deterding Elementary school and chaperoned my kids field trip as time permitted.

    I am very interesting in becoming part of the CIVITAS member so I can help socialize the benefit it has in the school and within our community as well.

    Thank you,

    Nalini Shenoy (dedicated mother of 3)




Last Modified on November 28, 2016