• The election of Parent Members to the Civitas Advisory Board is closed.
    The final vote count is being tallied by the election officers (Tom Nelson & Nils Patrick).
    After the election officers compare their own independent tallies and verify the results, the official results will be released.

    Thank you to all candidates.
    Thank you also to all voters.

    Civitas families consistently demonstrate dedication and civic involvement to Rio that is amazing and very much appreciated.
    As an example, while Civitas families represent less than 10% of the Rio population, more of them voted in the Civitas Advisory Board election than all Rio parents who voted in the last School Site Council election.
    Candidates ran for 3 parent elected positions.

    Voters could vote for up to 3 candidates.

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    Anne Del Core  
    Regina Zerne
    Erica Ruiz

    Dan Ott

    Pamela H. Chao

    Nalini Shenoy

    Matthias Schlingmann

    Irene Bersola-Nguyen (write in)


    Click on names above to read candidate statements.
    Some candidates may be posting statements at a later date.   

    Advisory Board Bylaws  

    The first day of voting is Tuesday, November 22nd.
    The last day to vote was Wednesday, November 30th.

    Only Civitas parents are eligible to vote.
    Votes from Q/Portal Usernames other than those of Civitas parents will not be counted. 

     The general duties of the members shall be to serve in an advisory capacity to The Academy of Political Studies, Academia Civitas, on administrative, fiscal, community and program matters that arise from time to time. The duties shall also include, to the extent possible for each member, participation in actions to support the success of students and the Academy in the school, the school district, and the community. 

    The Board shall have thirteen members and collectively they shall be known as the Civitas Advisory Board as follows: 
    (a) Four members shall be students in the Civitas Program, one from each grade level elected by the other students in the same grade level in the Civitas Program. 
    (b) One member shall be elected by the faculty of Rio Americano High School. 
    (c) Three members shall be elected by the parents of students in Civitas at Rio Americano High School and shall be parents of Civitas students. The manner of  election shall be determined by the Board. 
    (d) Two members shall be appointed by the Board and shall be representatives from the community at large who are not parents of Civitas students.  
    (e) One member shall be the First Vice President of the Parent Teacher and Student Association (PTSA) at Rio Americano High School, unless he or she is not a parent in which case a parent shall be elected by the PTSA until the office of First Vice President of the PTSA is filled by a parent. The manner of any election of the member in lieu the First Vice President shall be determined by the PTSA.  
    (f) The principal of Rio Americano High School shall be an ex-officio member.  
    (g) The Civitas Coordinator. 

    All members of the Civitas Advisory Board shall be voting members except the Civitas Coordinator.

    Parents have a personal  User Name based on which is their Q/Parent Portal Parent Identification Number (PIN).

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Last Modified on December 1, 2016