• Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please email us.

    Where is Meraki located?

    10700 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks, CA 95628


    What does the space look like?

    The learning/teaching space is co-designed by teachers and students to be flexible, functional and student-centered.


    How does the enrollment process work?

    The SJUSD Open Enrollment period is in December and January each school year. Forms are on the school website. If a student misses Open Enrollment, there is a chance to get in with an Intra-district Transfer later in the spring, though space is not guaranteed. Meraki currently serves grades 9-12.

    In-district families:

    Priority enrollment for district residents ended Jan. 20, 2019. Per district policy, if space is not available for all applicants, acceptance will be made through a random computerized lottery which is not on a first come, first serve basis. Applications must be submitted to San Juan Central at 3700 Garfield Avenue, Carmichael.

    Out-of-district families:

    If you reside in a district outside of San Juan Unified, please submit an interdistrict transfer application between the priority dates of Jan. 3 through Feb. 28. The interdistrict transfer must be attached to Meraki application and submitted to San Juan Central, 3700 Garfield Avenue, Carmichael.

    If you have any further questions, please call (916) 726-5826.


    Does this school serve students with special needs?

    If a student qualifies for Special Education, it will depend on what the IEP requires. The Special Education Department for San Juan District will review each application on an individual basis to determine if needs can be met.


    Where can I find out info on how to volunteer or work at this school?

    Send us an email!


    How will students have PE class? Meraki advisor, Dan DeJager, offers many different options to complete PE requirements, such as crash courses and flows*. Students will also be able to do their own activities if they choose.


    *To learn more about crash courses and flows, see the “Our Program” Page.

    How will workers compensation be handled for internships?

    Students will be covered by the school district.


    How will school meals be provided for those on free and reduced lunch?

    Meals will be offered at Meraki and students can still qualify for free and reduced lunch.


    What are the school hours and what does a daily schedule look like?

    At Meraki, students have the flexibility to design their independent work time in order to complete their co-written Learning Plans. The yearly, weekly, and daily typical schedule can be found here.

    What transportation options are available?

    Students can you Regional Transit (RT) to get to the school. For students that qualify for free and reduced lunch the school will be covering the cost of a monthly RT Pass. We will also have a ride sharing program. For more information, check back soon.


    How can students play sports?

    Per CIF regulations, students are eligible to participate in organized sports at their resident high school.


    What are the plans for expansion in future years?

    Meraki started with almost 100 9th and 10th graders and will grow until the school has about 200 students grades 9-12.


    How will students be involved in the planning process for the school?

    When you apply to Meraki, you become a part of our design team. Meraki campus is your personal lab to explore your learning. It will be up to our students to fill Meraki with their personal and shared stories throughout the year. Meraki encompasses spaces both inside and outside as well as our greater community.


    Will all grade levels work together, or will they be separated?

    Advisories will have mixed grade levels to provide vertical peer mentoring for our students.


    How will progress be tracked?

    A system called LiFT is being implemented which tracks students' work on a variety of competencies.  Students can upload evidence of reaching mastery, and parents can view progress towards completion.


    Are there grades?

    Competencies will be translated into grades as needed for college eligibility, transfer, and athletic eligibility.


    Will Meraki have homework?

    No, but students may need or want to work on projects outside of school.


    Does Meraki have a focus on a particular subject area?



    Do Meraki students participate in state testing?



    My student is an English Language Learner. Can they still be accepted into Meraki?



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