Attendance Notification and Signature Sheet - Read the Attendance Notification Sheet. Print out the Parent / Student Attendance Notification Acknowledgement, sign them, submit them at the designated table and get the passport stamped. 

    Attendance Information  


     If your student is absent all day:

    Call the 24- Hour Attendance Line at 916-971-7972. Please say the following information clearly and slowly:

    a. Your name and relation to the student

    b. The student(s) name- spell the First and Last Name

    c. The students School ID Number (6 digit number)

    d. The date and reason for the absence


    For Early Dismissals or Tardies:

    Call 916-971-7459. This number is NOT for all – day absences.

    a. If a student is late less than 30 minutes, the student must verify their tardy with their teacher.

    b. If a student is more than 30 minutes late for their first period, you must call 916-971-7459 before the student arrives. Alternatively, you may send a note with the student.



    You Have Only FIVE DAYS to clear Absences

    a. To prevent accidental cuts, check Zangle/ the Parent Portal weekly to ensure any and all absences have been cleared for the week including single period absences, full or partial day absences.

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Last Modified on September 4, 2019