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    Fostering student voice and collaboration is a priority for the San Juan Unified School District. To provide students with a forum to discuss district improvement, a district-wide student board has been proposed by the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee. Not only will this help students to better develop a community presence and to learn civic responsibility, but it also will give a more in-depth student viewpoint to the LCAP PAC, as well as individual schools and organizations. 
    No concrete plans have been laid out yet for the school board. Below is a bullet point proposal that will be subject to modification based on community feedback. 
    Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. To give feedback or to ask questions, click on the discussion link on the left. There is also a quick poll for a simple Yes/No vote on the board proposal. Your input is vital for the creation of an effective student board!

    2/2018 Update

    The LCAP PAC recently voted to create a student voice ad hoc committee. This committee will focus on researching what opportunities are available within the district for student leadership and student voice, and eventually developing recommendations on potential changes and improvements.

    We need your input! Check out our website for more information and to complete the survey on student voice:


    We also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/studentvoiceahc/

    Or, shoot us an email at studentvoiceahc@hotmail.com

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    11/2017 Update

    SJUSD has recently rolled out a new student board called the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee. As a new committee, many functions and roles of the board have not yet been solidified, and may change in the future.

    As of now, the student board is working with the Superintendent on three initiatives to help improve school climate and increase student success. For more information, you can contact sjusdssac@gmail.com or check out their Instagram: @sjusdssac

    WE STILL NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! Send in your questions, concerns, insights, suggestions! 


    You can give us your feedback on the survey page, or email marleyfortin@hotmail.com for more information.


Last Modified on February 12, 2018